Saturday, April 24, 2010


Yeah, that was a great video. Every now and then the girls do something that we think is hilarious but we're never quite sure if everyone else will see the humor. Glad to see you got it too.

Well today's post is in honor of a very special little boy. Our long time friends Amy and Dave have a 4 year old named Jacob and he is an avid follower of the blog. According to Amy, he loved watching that last video so much that he asked to see more funny videos. Amy said that we wouldn't post anymore until we got more donations. Wouldn't you know it...that little tiger went to his piggy bank and got out $5!!! What a great little kid!! On top of that, their whole family walked in their March for Babies event in St. Louis today. So this post is in honor of a very special boy (and his parents)! Thanks Jacob!!

Lisa took the afternoon/evening off to get a much deserved pedicure and then do some grocery shopping for our luncheon on Monday. While she was gone, I tried to get some funny videos and this was the best I could do.

I was recording this first one...and was just about to stop and delete it when Katy went into her Jammy tantrum again. Not nearly as funny as the original but still pretty cute.

This second one...well, there is some high pitched screams so you have been warned. I was whistling and the girls thought they would try. But it's not just screaming. Katy saves the day again.

After Lisa got home, the girls just HAD to have their toenails done too. So they got their first pedicure this evening.

They tried to get me to have my nails done too, but I declined. I had to convince them that it is a Mommy and little girls treat to have their nails done. Whew...they bought it.

One more day until the luncheon. Most of the food is purchased and we have 3 crock pots standing by. It's gonna be sooooooo good.

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Anonymous said...

Verbatim from Jacob: "Those were good videos. And I really miss you. That's all."

Sydney was watching too and said "Moh, moh!" (That's "more" in case you don't speak Sydneyese).

Love you guys!