Thursday, August 30, 2007


I took this video while Lisa and Amy were having a girls afternoon out. They did a little shopping at the mall and then saw a movie. The girls and I had a good time. I haven't watched the video in a while but think I remember Katy spitting up at one point...yikes. Weak stomachs look away.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Wow it's been a while

....since our last post. I try to make it a priority but holy cow does it get busy around here. The best chance I have to post is at night after the girls finally go to sleep but once they're asleep, it's hard not to hop in bed. We gotta take advantage of that time when it's available. The only reason I'm writing right now is because Lisa is feeding both of them. We just haven't gotten very good at getting the girls to take naps in their crib. It's something we HAVE to get better at.

ANYWAY...what's been going on over here? Lots. We had a guest with us for the past week or so. Our great friend, Amy, was visiting from the St.Louis area. She was a TREMENDOUS help! She didn't stop the whole time she was here. She was probably looking forward to getting back from her "vacation" so she could get back to her toddler! I'm kidding of course. Amy, THANK YOU!!! You were amazing!

Two highlights for me while Amy was here was 1. I was able to go golfing and 2. we left the girls with the neighbors so we could all go out for dinner. The latter was a huge milestone. Our next door neighbors with their two young girls had Alyssa and Katy for about 2 and a half hours and it went great. We, or I should say I, was checking the cell phone constantly to make sure that it was still on and that I hadn't missed a call. Amy took a funny picture that we'll have to share when she sends us a copy of us at dinner with the cell phone close by.

Only problem has been that Alyssa has had a little diarrhea the last 36 hours. We have no idea if it was from something Lisa ate or if Alyssa picked up a little bug next door. Either way, we think she's fine. She is still happy, no fever, and she otherwise seems to feel fine.

Amy obviously was able to see a little bit of Alaska, well at least Anchorage, while she was here. I was working nearly the entire time so Lisa and the girls showcased some of the local attractions. The weather ended up being very nice for her so I think it was a real treat.

Upcoming events? My sister and bro-n-law are coming Saturday!! We are thrilled, not just because they get to see our girls but because like Amy, it's their first trip to Alaska. Unfortunately I'll be working nearly the whole time they will be here too. No I didn't plan it that way, just coincidence that my schedule hasn't lined up with our guests.

On a sad note, we lost our friends that had the twins, Micki and Rhett. They moved to Oregon last week and it's been tough on Lisa. On the flip side, it is very fortunate that Amy and my sister are coming right now. It's definitely helping Lisa keep her mind off that loss.

So what's up with the girls? They are growing up so fast! They are the happiest little babies. It takes very little effort now to get huge smiles from them. Just today they were both lying on a blanket on the floor and I was standing above them. I was going back and forth and they were both watching me very closely and then would simultaneously erupt in huge smiles. It was pretty adorable.

Developmentally, they are doing wonderfully with their head control. I'll have to get a picture (or video) but they are both lifting their heads up so they can see forward when they're on their bellies. Just 2 weeks or so ago, neither one was really doing that then Katy started and now Alyssa too. I'm still saying "WOW" a lot when I see them do that. It's still pretty amazing how far they've come.

We're doing lots of exercises to get their stomach muscles and neck muscles ready for the next step. Again, we'll have to take some pictures and videos to show them off.

Sorry for the lack of pictures. Amy was doing all the picture taking while she was here and we ran out of time to copy them before she left.

Thanks to all of you who still check for updates. We love you all.

We're back

Sorry for the delay. I started getting emails asking if everything was okay since we hadn't posted in a while. Everything's great....just got a little busy.

We had a tough weekend. Lisa and I were getting used to the 7 hours or so of continuous sleep each night, then the girls decided to shake things up on us. I think it was Thursday night where they went down at their normal time but decided to get up at 6:15ish...which is a solid 2 hours before when they normally do. The next morning wasn't any better, around 6:30 or so. That next night, Katy gave it to us. For whatever reason, she decided Saturday night that she wanted to be held when she slept. I stayed up with her until 2am, putting her down..screaming...getting her to sleep...putting her down...screaming. At 2, Lisa got up and took over so I could get some sleep. She fed her...Katy fell asleep...Lisa put her down...scream!! When I got up at 7ish to get ready for work, I found the TWO of them on the couch asleep. Katy just had to be held that night.

THANK GOODNESS that hasn't happened again. They have been great the last 2 nights and woke up each morning around 7.

Yesterday, the girls got to go to the Botanical Gardens (their second trip, daddy's first). It was one of the hottest days of the summer so we took advantage of it and go out and enjoyed the weather. It got to 76.4 at the house...second warmest in the last 3 summers. We have it real tough here, I know. Last night was actually pretty miserable. Even with the windows open, it would just not cool off. It was almost midnight and Lisa and I were still commenting on how "hot" it was.

So here are a few pictures from the garden. They didn't really come out too well but you get the idea.

not our best picture but who could resist a self family portrait...

Tonight was a bitter/sweet night. We went to our favorite restaurant, the Moose's Tooth (sweet) but it was our goodbye dinner for our close friends Micki and Rhett (bitter). Micki and Rhett is the couple that had the premature twins about a year before us and have helped us out TREMENDOUSLY during the entire ordeal. Micki has been an invaluable support to Lisa. They are GREAT friends and we are soooo sad that they are moving but know they are doing what's best for their family. We will miss them dearly.

But....again....we got to eat a chicken ranch pizza! It's my first time out with the girls at a restaurant (again their second) and they did wonderfully. Lisa fed them in the car while we're waiting for a table and they slept pretty much the whole time we were inside.
My girls chilling in front of m'beer in The Tooth.

Lisa, Reive, and Rhett

Denavae showing us the proper way to eat a pizza.

Otherwise, it was pretty much business as usual. We're trying to get the house ready for the next round of visitors which we haven't been too successful at...yet. As you'll see from this video, the girls are doing great. This first video was on Monday. I was on the floor talking with Katy and Lisa had just finished feeding Alyssa. The dog was ready to be walked. It was just a very typical moment in our house. As you'll probably hear, there is a lot of laughter. That is also typical. We're just a happy family.

What we were laughing at was Alyssa. She was having some "lower wind" issues. I know it's hard to tell what we're saying but that's the gist of it. She tooted a couple of times while I was filming it and it got us laughing pretty good. That, and Katy gave a great "booboo lip" there at the end.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

more baby time

I thought these three pictures were pretty cute, too.

And after watching this a couple of times, it's not nearly as funny as it used to be BUT...the story is that I was sitting at the computer and I thought Lisa was trying to get the girls to smile at the same time to get a picture. I came over and was overly animated to try and get the girls to smile at the same time for Lisa. After a couple of seconds of her not snapping a photo, I looked over and asked if she was taking a video. She says "yeah" to which I responded..."UUOOH, I'm talking like an idiot".

Again, at the time...funny. Now...not so much. But it's still some quality video of the girls being cute so I thought I'd share anyway.

quick video

Here are the girls chilling out.

4 Month Well Check

Today was a big day. Today was the girls' 4 month check up with the pediatrician. It went GREAT!!

The doctor was very impressed with how both of them are doing. He reassured us that their sizes was perfectly normal and nothing to worry about. Alyssa has been out-gaining Kaitlyn for a while so we weren't sure if we should be concerned that she was gaining too much or if Kaitlyn was lagging too far. It turns out neither. They are both well within what is to be expected for a 2 month old (adjusted age). Katy just might be a little more petite for a while but will eventually catch her sister.

So what were the weights??

Alyssa 11 pounds, 7.6 ounces and 23.5 inches long
Kaitlyn 10 pounds, 6.7 ounces and 22.5 inches long

If you have read what we posted their weights were about 3 weeks ago, you'd think they haven't gained very much. Well, we're thinking the scale that Lisa used wasn't up to par with the pediatricians or it wasn't calibrated...or something. We KNOW they are gaining weight so that last weigh-in using someone else's scale isn't looking so accurate.

We also talked the doctor about Alyssa's head control. We were a little concerned that she might be losing some of her control recently. The doctor did a couple quick tests including a new one we hadn't seen before. He held her out in front of him holding her on her chest and stomach with one hand and she was stretched out like Superman. It was to see if she would let her head sag down and she didn' all. In fact, she did a wonderful superman pose. I'll have to try that one at home and get a picture. It was amazing. Katy also passed her superman test.

But the REAL reason for the visit at 4 get the second round of shots!!!! I was probably the most nervous and ALMOST baled out but I stayed. Lisa held each girl while they got the shots and I was there to comfort right after. They were "super troopers", as Lisa said earlier. They each cried for maybe 30 seconds and then started to calm down. The hardest part about those 30 seconds is it's a different cry than we're used to. We're used to the hungry cry or gassy cry....but this was the yyeeeeEEEEOUCH CRY!!! Alyssa's was a little more high pitched and it just about brought both of us to tears.

They calmed down pretty quickly and were asleep in their car seats by the time we got to the car. We decided, since it was such a beautiful Alaskan day to take the long way home and drive out to the park. It worked for a while before they woke up and were hungry. The rest of the day was pampering. They got all the milk they could stomach and tons of loving.

So here are a couple of shots from this evening. I don't think I need to tell you who is who...BUT yes, Alyssa is on the left. We took this one so you could see the band aids on their thighs. ...I was just looking at that picture and holy cow does Alyssa have some thighs on her!!!

They were both in a great mood so we Lisa took a bunch of pictures. She also took 2 videos that I'm trying to download but it's being VERY slow. I'll have to finish posting those sometime tomorrow.

It was pretty funny that they wouldn't smile at the same time. They were taking turns...making it hard for Lisa to take the perfect picture.

Now I'm just stalling. I want to finish downloading these pictures before I go to bed but it is being VERY slow tonight.

I did want to share that last night we saw the Northern Lights for the first time this season. It's exciting because we're going to have visitors basically from August 22nd until October and it would be great if they all got to see the Northern Lights before they left. So far, I think just my mom and dad have seen them while visiting. I don't remember seeing them with anyone else...I could be wrong.'s exciting that it's dark enough outside again and we're getting closer to fall. It's my favorite season.

So last night, it was about 1am and Alyssa was not cooperating and going to bed so I was holding her on the couch and I looked out the window and saw a pretty bright green streak in the sky. How cool is that? Sitting on my couch and I could see the Aurora Borealis!!

UGGGH! The video is at 64%. Each picture is taking 10 minutes to download. It's 12:45am and the girls are asleep and I have to work tomorrow. It's time for bed. Sorry, I'll have to post the other pictures tomorrow.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Katy cooing and laughing

Katy was happy as could be the other day in her swing. I grabbed the camera and got some of it on film...finally. At about 1:20, it's as close to a laugh as we've heard. Lisa touched the fish so it was swinging and you can see her study it for a second, then laugh.

Be sure to click the video twice to get it to play.

Friday, August 03, 2007

checking in.....

Wow, it's been a while since my last post. It's not from a lack of effort, I just don't have enough time. I've thought about posting from work but some of my colleagues check it now and then and I don't want it to get around that I'm doing "personal" things on the job. You may not be able to sense it, but there's a little sarcasm in that last sentence.

If I'm not making sense, I just got off a night shift and wanted to post before I went to bed. Too many good things going on now not to share some of them. Plus I had a frustrating shift and posting is kinda therapeutic.

The girls are doing very well. Lisa is an animal! She's been doing great while I've been on night shifts. The girls have been going down between midnight and 1am with Alyssa being the one that usually drags out the process til 1.

The cooing is getting more and more frequent...and cute. I didn't think about it until after the fact last night but I should have grabbed the video camera. I will definitely do that one of these next couple of days so we can share these special moments.

Te girls haven't been weighed in a couple of weeks now. We have our next scheduled appointment with the pediatrician on Tuesday so we'll get an updated weight then. They are also due for some shots...not looking forward to that. There were lots of tears, both the girls and the parents, last time.

We think they are both gaining weight nicely, Alyssa is probably still out gaining Katy but don't think it will be a concern. What we are a little concerned about is they both seem to be regressing a little bit in their head control. Katy is actually still doing pretty good but Alyssa seems to have stopped picking her head up as much...whether it be during floor time or when we're holding her on our chest. Don't know if her muscles can't keep up with her weight (since she is the heavier one) or if we're not doing something...or not doing it enough. It actually isn't a "concern", just something we noticed and want to bring up with the pediatrician on Tuesday.

Lisa managed to get some smiles on film. I think she took my statement about not being able to get smiles on film as a challenge...and she succeeded. So here's Katy...being Katy.

A little slow in posting these, but here are the girls in their 4th of July outfits. Compliments of Lisa's Dad. The first two are of Katy. Somehow, we managed to forget to take a picture of them together. We'll have to dress them back up and do that soon.

The other night I was driving to work and came across this family of moose. It's a mom and her twin babies.

My sister (WHO'S COMING IN ONE MONTH!!!) said that she likes the pictures of the girls snuggled up on Lisa's chest. So here's Katy getting some good Daddy time in the other morning.