Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Spring has sprung!

We are posting tonight because of donations from Lesley and Lilian! Lesley is a dear friend of ours from Texas and Lilian is a fellow twin mommy here in AK. Thanks for thinking of us today ladies!

Today, just a couple random pics. Not sure why Alyssa is smelling the remote.

Then, she had to show Lambie how to ride the blue ball.

The girls had to try on Lisa's new shoes.

Got a picture of the tail end of a minor tantrum after Katy wouldn't share the shoes.

Then a little dress up for good measure.

$2400!! I can't believe how many people have contributed so far but it's going to take all of you to get us up to our goal. Don't put it off too much longer!!

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Amy said...

They are just too stinkin' cute!!