Monday, April 05, 2010


It was a happy birthday, indeed. (It would have been better if the Astros won...and Duke lost) The girls had a funfilled day at twins group, lunch at McDonalds with friends, naps in the big girls bed, then presents and webcam'ing with the family. Now we're settling down with some Elmo and getting ready for bed. I've been sorting through 161 pictures...trying to pick the ones to share this evening.

We need to thank Helen for donating today. THANK YOU HELEN! On to the pictures.

Katy trying to figure out the new puzzles from Grandpa and Nana.

Katy bummed she had to wait for the cupcakes after blowing out the candles.

What an exciting day! The girls are currently trying to calm down in their "big girl beds". There seemed to be an excessive amount of talking and singing happy birthday to each other so I went in to check on them and they are in the same bed. We'll see how this goes but for's too damn cute to break up.

Keep those donations coming!

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Anonymous said...

I realize this is probably very wrong of me....but "Katy bummed" is my favorite picture in a long time. I think it should be on a greeting card. It's just so perfect!!!

Congrats on getting through some tough years, Mom and Dad. What beautiful little miracles you have....such a sweet, darling family. :)

Laurie in OH