Wednesday, April 14, 2010

So glad...

...we got another donation today because, well we're one step closer to our goal...but also because Lisa took a hilarious video today. Today, we thank Christian and Dan Peterson for stepping up and making a donation. Thank you both for contributing and helping us get that much closer to our goal.

On to the show. Every now and then, we have the camera rolling and the girls do or say something funny. It is even more rare when we're lucky enough to land a gem like this. The setup: the girls were showing Lisa how they go to bed. I have no idea where "...bend your knees" came from but it's pretty cute. It takes a turn for hilarious when Lisa asks Katy if she wants to show her how to go to sleep in the big girl bed. Oh how I love her answer. Not just what she says but HOW she says it. defeated. Hilarious.

I love it. I hope I didn't talk it up too much. Lisa and I laughed and laughed at this today.

Yesterday, Lisa and the girls got out the clay that they got for their birthday. You can see Alyssa's airplane in the foreground. Pretty good!

Now they're making a snowman.

After their nap and after I got home, we took a walk down on Madison's trail. As you can see, it was not very pretty. I really do hate this time of year. Everything is almost melted...exposing the trash and crap that's been buried under the snow since October. We're still another 3 or 4 weeks from it's just ugly. But it is exciting to be closer to summer.

I came around the corner and found Lisa trying to throw this baby over the bridge.

Ok, maybe not.

Katy looks so grown up in this picture.

I took this picture to show how much ice sets up on the creek. Always amazing to see how thick it is once it starts breaking up in April. And then it snowed! Today, it snowed about 7 inches!! Even for Anchorage, this is pretty rare for this much snow in April. Good thing we're getting to that time of year where the sun is pretty powerful so we'll be back to brown and ugly in no time.

That being said, a little (or even a lot) snow isn't going to keep me from grilling. On the menu: a flank steak in a balsamic vinegar and olive oil marinade, fresh pineapple, served with a side of brown rice. Oh MAN it was good!

I keep thinking I'll have a day off from posting but you all just keep giving. Keep it up! I promise I'll keep posting every day we get a donation.

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Amy said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again...your girls are gorgeous!!! Even when they are lamenting about making "poo poo" in their "yellows". ROTFL!!!!!