Sunday, January 30, 2011

shaking the pretty out of that tree!

We have lots to catch up on but I thought I'd share a quick video tonight. We took a walk the other day down on Madison's trail and discovered a new fun game...shake the tree and get covered in snow.

I didn't realize until I watched video that they weren't getting NEARLY as much snow as I thought they were!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

taking off

I am heading south for the week to visit with friends and maybe do some work related stuff know, if there's time. Since I've been doing exactly what I said I WOULDN'T do by ignoring this blog, I wanted to at least share a quick video before I leave.

This was yesterday. We headed out to do some quick sledding. It was a blast but it got kind of crowded after a while. This was the last time we let the girls go down by themselves (you'll see why).

Sunday, January 09, 2011


Best. Title. Ever.

Ok, maybe not. I needed an excuse to post some pictures of my NEW UKULELE!!!!! Out of nowhere, my mom comes in from left field with the surprise Christmas present of the season. Totally unexpected and I don't even remember mentioning it to her that I was thinking about getting one but Mom found me the most beautiful ukulele. It arrived the other day and I haven't put it down. If you haven't seen on facebook, I am putting in my time and working on my calluses. It is PAINFUL...but worth it. I'm learning my chords and will be singing some songs in no time.

Here are a few shots I just took.

Ok, that's my excuse for posting. Now I should probably post some cute pictures of the girls from yesterday! We have had a friend visiting us since before Christmas, Rascal. Rascal is visiting us from O'Fallon, Illinois...a friend of Jacob Pekala. We tried to make his visit memorable. Here are a few pics from his last day with us.

Here's a bonus. I think this was after Christmas dinner. It was a hectic time of cooking, getting the girls to EAT, cleaning up, and playing with presents. As I was sitting with the girls, I realized that someones glass of wine was inadvertently left in front of Katy (unknown to her). Mad me laugh and I thought it was a perfect photo op.

Saturday, January 08, 2011

Shameless Plug

I have started a new blog!! I had the crazy idea around New Years to start sharing our dinners with everyone. I have always thought that we eat very well. Lisa treats us to excellent meals every night and I add in the occasional grilling masterpiece. So why not start a blog?!

I gave it a week to see if the excitement would wear off and it hasn't. It really is kinda fun and easy so I think I'll keep it going. So here is a link to our other blog Dinner With The Browns.

No this won't effect how often I post on this blog. I hope to maintain BOTH!! We'll see....