Friday, April 30, 2010

2 weeks to go!!

2 weeks left and we are only $355 from our goal!

We had 3 more donations today. Josh (another friend from work) came up huge today! Thank you, Josh!

Laurie, a fellow twin parent also donated today. Laurie and her girls also survived Twin-to-Twin Transfusion Syndrome. Their family was an inspiration to us very early on. When we were diagnosed and found Laurie and her family on a TTTS support website, we focused on their story. Laurie helped us through some difficult times with encouraging words and pictures and stories about her beautiful twin girls. Thank you Laurie for being an inspiration to us and to so many others!

And "Mr. Anonymous" strikes again. Thank you for your support as always, "Mr. Anonymous!"

Today was a typical day...lots of playing in the morning, a short afternoon nap, and tons of shenanigans in the evening. I have the weekend off so we'll be doing some real fun stuff soon. For now, just more pictures of the girls in the middle of their evening shenanigans.

And I had nothing to do with these outfits. The girls grabbed their baseball gear and found their hats and started playing themselves. I just grabbed the camera.

Quick trip to Target. The girls and I stayed in the car while Lisa ran in. I couldn't resist getting a picture of my cuties in their sunglasses.

Something just happened that I have to write down so I don't forget later. I was changing Katy's diaper and Alyssa was doing something that I asked her to stop. So I reached up and grabbed her shirt to pull her back. She of course started pouting/crying because she got corrected. Katy watches this and gets mad at me and says "DON'T PUSH DOWN MY DER!!" ... "YOU SAY SORRY TO MY DER!!"

Apparently, little sister is the tough one! It was hard not to react but that was pretty cute.

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