Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Spaghetti and baseball...a good night.

Back on track! Our great friends from the Dallas area, Kyle and Anne, donated today! Thank you Kyle, Anne, and family!!! They are true rockstars and we miss them. Oh how I wish we could live in the same place as all of our awesome friends.

Great day! The girls had a play date today. Lisa and the other moms agreed to get together every week...which is good for everybody. Equally awesome (okay maybe not), Lance Berkman made his debut for the 2010 Astros and didn't save the day or anything but the Astros won...and Lisa and I listened to the last 4 innings on the Ipod Touch. I am LOVING that app!!!

Dinner was spaghetti. I couldn't resist getting a couple pictures of the mess in progress.

Here are the girls trying to whistle...which actually is them just screaming very high.

After dinner, it was time to work on our throwing. No I'm not an obsessive dad that has to have athletic kids...I just like to play catch. Tonight, we taught the girls how to step forward with their opposite foot while they're throwing. Sorry lefties, these girls are definitely righties!! They have GREAT arms!!

Look at that form!!!!

I really like Katy's form too. Look at her thumb pointing down. PERFECT! What a natural!

Funny video of course. I was going to set it up. You'll just have to watch it. And yes they call each other Lyssa, Katy Bug, and Der (short for sister).

Now for a little game. Here is a picture of a fish. If you can tell me the fish's name, we will donate $20! :)

We're up to $1640!! But still a long way to go. Keep those donations coming!


Honey said...

Did everyone PUT THEIR JAMMIES ON? That was so funny that I have watched it over and over. I love Lyssa laughing at her Der the most - well, besides the parental laughter!! Great pictures and video! Come on folks - keep those donations coming!!

Lisa said...

Thanks for the video to brighten my exhaustive day with severe weather - 4th in a row :( This video might be my new favorite!!!! Love them. Oh, and I got my pint of beer from you guys yesterday - awesome! Thanks, it was deeeeelicious, Love you guys!