Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Winner winner! Chicken dinner!

Well, it only took a quick 5 minutes for Stacey Tams to come up with the correct answer to my game yesterday. The fish in the picture is from Sesame Street and more specifically, Elmo's World. The name of the fish is Dorothy. By the way, I actually took that picture of the tv while the girls were watching it. I love HD.

So, in honor of Stacey, we made a $20 donation today. Thank you Stacey and well done!

And because our total went up, I'll do a quick post this evening. I just took a couple pictures of them getting ready for bed.

This first picture, I was trying to get a close up of her eyes but didn't realize the focus was messed up. The camera focused on the curls...which are equally as cute so I kept it in anyway.

My favorite of the bunch.

So it seems that we have lost a little momentum. We have a our luncheon coming up on Monday at my office. We're hoping to have a huge day but we still need your donations. Take the time to forward our newsletter or email to some friends. Help us spread the word.

Thanks everybody. Hopefully I'll be posting some more tomorrow!


Andy said...

This is a test comment

Amy said...

"Whoa Mom, careful with the Q-tip! " LOL!