Monday, April 26, 2010

A special request

For a Sunday, today was a HUGE day! First, we'd like to thank Shaun for his huge contribution! Shaun has always been curious about our girls and checking in on them every now and then. He's like an uncle or something. He's just a great guy with a huge heart! Thanks Shaun!!

The second donation came with a request. Brooke (of Sacramento, CA) requested that the girls do a tribute to Bret Michaels. You see, for those of you who aren't female and didn't grow up in the late 80s and early 90s, Bret Michaels is kind of a sex symbol. Not sure how else to say that or how else to explain Brooke's strange request other than setting that foundation. Recently, Bret Michaels suffered from a brain hemorrhage and is still in critical condition. Brooke is obviously concerned for him so requested a tribute from the girls. I found a great song on my ipod and asked the girls to dance...and dance they did! So turn it up, Brooke! This one is for you...and Bret Michaels. ...and thank you, Brooke!
The other request was for Katy to tell Bret Michaels to put his jammies on. If we get that on video, we'd receive a BONUS! No problem.

Good story. Some of you know that our new tv (from spring of last year) fell apart on us in the fall. We went back and forth with Samsung and eventually they just sent us a check for the full price of the tv...even though it was working fine! The only problem is that the glass was not properly installed and the frame around it was bulging out. They decided that it would be cheaper to send us a check for the price of the tv rather than replacing it. Ok. Well, that worked out great for us until this morning when we found that the glass had slid down again. Tonight, Lisa and I took the whole thing apart ourselves to try and fix it...and we DID!!! After we took out the 50 or so screws and peeled back the adhesive stuff, it was obvious where they didn't correctly assemble the glass and the frame. Problem solved! Here was mid way through the process when we were still unsure of the outcome but it worked out great. Thanks Samsung for the free TV!!

I've been going through some older pictures and reorganizing. Here are a few that Sam took one evening while we were playing with the new flash.

Tomorrow is HUGE! I should say 'today' because it's 1:15am right now and I have to be up for work in 4 hours. The luncheon is today...only problem is the girls are SICK!! I KNOW!! Alyssa got a runny nose on Saturday and Katy woke up this morning with one too. Luckily, only low grade fevers of 99ish but they are MISERABLE! As you can probable tell from the videos, they are all snot nosed and gross. Poor things. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like they'll be able to make it to the luncheon. But the food is currently in the slow cookers (I can smell it and it smells sooooo good!!). Hopefully that will be enough to get everybody to donate big tomorrow. We'll see. Wish us luck and pray that the girls start feeling better fast.

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Amy said...

Wow, 4 minutes and 21 seconds of non-stop spinning and no one puked--amazing!! :) Very cute videos as always. Have you considered getting an agent for your girls? LOL!