Wednesday, June 22, 2011

well...probably shouldn't have done that

Some of you may have seen my post on facebook earlier in the week that I need to take some posts off the blog. Ends up late one night I was having a hard time sleeping and it suddenly hit me that the contract might say something about sharing photos on the internet. I got up and checked it out and sure enough, there is some specific language at the end of the contract regarding disclosure of information about the "project".

To be safe, I am removing a few posts that might get us in trouble. Don't worry, I am not deleting them. They have been moved over to a new blog that is by invite only and when the time is right, I will make that blog public or maybe even just transfer those posts back over here so we can share all of our many adventures.

It is safe to say that I can still talk about the "project" but just not mention specifics or share pics of the set. In the mean time while I filter some of these pictures that I've taken, I have a few videos from the last week that I thought you'd enjoy.

The first one is of Katy singing a song by one of her favorite artists...Rachele. Yes, the same Rachele that we met earlier in the spring. The reason I started the video is because Katy and I were having a conversation about our bathroom renovation and she said the color we picked out was "dull". I didn't even know she knew what dull meant!! So I was trying to get her to say that again and instead got this video.

Second video is also Katy. She was on the toilet (sorry) and was very talkative. We had already had quite the conversation when I got the phone out to record this. She still managed to give a few gems.

Last one is hilarious!!! This was on our day off. Lisa and I were frantically cleaning and doing laundry while the girls were doing a great job of entertaining themselves....when we hear someone yell "ACTION!!" We investigate and find the girls playing this hilarious game.

This happened on Father's Day so we sent the director this email...not sure if he would really watch it. Sure enough, he told us later that he loved it and wanted to share it on his facebook page!! HAHAHA!! I love our girls!!! Entertaining the masses!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

magic show

Today, the producer threw a party at her rental house for all the kids. So we went out to this amazing house with an incredible view on the south side of town this morning for the magic show. The girls really enjoyed it...moreso than the rest of the kids it seemed. I'll say it's because of their excellent imaginations. :)

Quite the view at this house....
I can't believe how great this picture came out. The color..the lighting. Wow! Very cool pic of Katy.
Ahhh, the ole pull the hankie out of the pocket trick.
Katy looks impressed. Justin...not so much.
LOTS of kids to keep entertained!
I like the girls faces in this one. They are both saying "Wooooooooowww!"
I asked them "how'd he do that?!" ...and this is the picture I got.
Katy went up to be a volunteer for the card trick. Once in front of everyone, she turned around and gave Lisa a big thumbs up. Classic.
The finale...making a balloon animal float!! Pretty cool.
It's no mistake that my girls were the last to get their own balloon animals. They are SO patient. I love'em!!!
Katy showing off her balloon puppy.
Good time was had by all. The director, producer, their families, and most of the kid actors were all there. Had lots of fun hanging out with everybody. I just wish there were more hours in the I post this at 10pm and head to the grocery store!!

Everybody goes back to work tomorrow. More pictures/stories soon!

Sunday, June 05, 2011

Memorial Day Picnic

Been a while. We have been having lots of fun on set...and off. Before last weekend, we heard that a group of people were looking to get the cast together for a hike or something Alaska. Several ideas got thrown around but the consensus was a BBQ. What started as a small gathering ended up being almost the entire cast and crew. It may have had something to do with the PERFECT weather!
Katy meeting one of the cast members dogs that she brought up from California.
I asked Katy to pose. I never had a doubt that she would.
Me and Katy goofing off.
Alyssa playing some ball.
The girls were off playing in the dirt while the rest of the twins were hamming it up in front of the cameras. Kind of proud....but then again it would have been nice to have them in this picture. Oh well.
Lisa playing catch while the girls play in the dirt.
This guy decided to stop by for a while too! He was all dressed up because he just came from a service on Fort Richardson where he gave a speech. I'm getting more and more respect for him every day.
That's not a shadow, that's dirt on Alyssa's face! Not enough wet wipes in the world to get those kids clean.
It was cute for a while until I really saw the mess they had made of themselves. You can kind of tell I had lost my sense of humor at this point.
Friendly game of 2 hand touch football. Ends up the guy facing away from the camera in the black shirt (Isaac) took a fall and broke his wrist. Whoops.
The director, Sean, showing off his frisbee skills.
This is Casey. He's the male lead in the movie and he's awesome. At the picnic, I learned that he is originally from College Station and his parents still live there! So we had plenty to talk about. I was really surprised how athletic he is. Then again, all we've seen of him so far is on the set in a suit. First time we've seen him let loose. He apparently can make frisbees levitate! Impressive!