Thursday, May 26, 2011

two more donations!!

Two late donations put us over $4500!!! On Saturday, we received an email from the Kriedermans asking if they could still donate. The answer was yes...and still is actually. If anybody out there still wants to contribute, you can. We are still planning on hosting a luncheon at work to raise more money after we're done filming! So the Kriedermans jumped right on it and donated!! Thank you!!

Then we got a letter in the mail from a very generous man in Texas. He is a friend of Lisa's Dad and an Aggie (so he's family!)...and he felt moved to donate. Thank you Mr. Driskill!!

Amazing how much money we've raised this year...and we're not done! Like I said, we're still planning on doing the luncheon at work, probably in early July. We are also going to take a donations jar to the movie set and see if we can't get some cash out of these people.

The walk was this past Saturday. For the first time in 4 years, the weather wasn't perfect. On our way there, it started to sprinkle (you'd think I would have known...but I didn't) and we were not prepared. So we had our doubts but luckily that was about it...just a few rain drops and nothing major. We got there just as the walk was starting and let the girls run around while we caught up with some friends.
And a picture of the happy family.
Thank you all for making this year amazing! I honestly can't believe we pulled it off. It means the world to us. Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!! Can't say it enough... Thank you!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

now THAT'S how you finish!!!

Whoah! Not much else to say but that. WOW! Today alone, we received 9 last minute donations for a total of $800!!! You guys had us worried that we weren't going to make our goal. Holy COW!!

Here is everybody that contributed today

Nelson family
my Mom and Dad
Solum family
Cassell family
and the Gilkeson family!

Way to go everybody! Well done!

The girls are fighting off a cold so we didn't make it outside today. We let them sleep in as much as they could to try and recoup. This bug going around the movie set is ridiculous...the director actually didn't make it today so there was a very different vibe going on. Not quite as enjoyable. Hopefully he'll be back tomorrow.

Speaking of, we did manage to get the morning off tomorrow so that we could make the walk (thank goodness!). We'll have to leave straight from the walk and head to the studio for what we're hoping is a quick afternoon of shooting.

So here are a few pics from this morning...just goofing off during lunch.
Not sure what Alyssa was doing here.
Katy is also very SERIOUS!!
Two very serious faces.
Lisa reading the girls a bed time story after a LONG day at the movie set.
And because this has been such an awesome day, I want to share two photos I snapped today. Without saying his name (hope you know or can figure it out), this is the major movie star in one of his full costumes. He is always stopping by to say hi and play with the kids while we wait for our turn. Today he sang us "That's Amore". It was PHENOMENAL!!
So tomorrow morning...we WALK!! Thank you everyone for making this another very successful year! We couldn't do it without each and every one of you.

Thank YOU!!!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Down to our last day

It's been an awesome month of raising money. We're down to our final day so spread the word and be sure to donate if you haven't already. Today's post is because of two donations...

One from the Jakabosky family and another from Eileen (my mother-in-law). Thank you!!!!!!

I feel a little bad I don't have more pictures in the queue ready to go...but you all know how crazy it's been. Tomorrow I have off so hoping I'll be able to get the good camera out and take some good pics of the girls. For now, these will have to do.

This first one is in the "hold" room where we spend a lot of time waiting to go on set. There are quite a few toys, puzzles, and books in here and one enthusiastic baby wrangler who does a good job of trying to keep the kids entertained. Here she is on the floor with the girls, Lisa, and one of the other co-stars.
Alyssa went on set while Katy and I ended up back at the RV for a while. She was keeping me entertained that's for sure.
Made it back to the hold room a little later and Katy put together quite an impressive giraffe. She wanted to show one of her favorite production assistants, Haley, but she wasn't in her office. So Katy asked if I would take a picture of her with the giraffe in front of Haley's desk. I thought that was a great idea. That will be fun to show Haley tomorrow what she missed out on.
Another quick Katy story. I mentioned that Katy has had a hard time going to sleep lately. One night earlier this week, Lisa threw in the towel and sent me in to deal with the unruly child. It was kind of quiet when I walked in but found Katy sitting on the edge of her bed waiting for me while Alyssa snores away. Katy sees me and immediately says....

"Daddy, I love you. Look at Alyssa. She is doing GREAT!"

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Well done everybody!! Way to come through in the clutch!!

I should first say that our dear friends actually DID contribute yesterday but it was late the previous I forgot. I am very sorry Andy, Kendra, and Malena. Thank you VERY MUCH for your donation.

Next, need to recognize everybody else that donated today. We got donations from Aimee, Erika, Carrie, AND the Petersons!! WOW WHAT A DAY!!! Well done everybody!

And finally before we get to the pictures, I wanted to share the end of the story that I started in last night's blog. The answer (Kriederman) is no, I did not leave the room to get Lisa. I told Katy she had two options, that I could stay until she fell asleep or I could leave and she could fall asleep on her own. She actually laid right down and fell asleep within a few seconds. She was SO tired!! What was kind of funny was Alyssa was then wide awake and proceeded to start goofing off. We can't win.


I owe the Petersons a few pictures from the recital. I hope you all don't mind me posting. I thought H did AMAZING!!
Not bad for taking pictures while sitting down with a restless 4 year old in my lap!!

So we have been asked a few times if we've noticed any difference with the girls since they started filming. Are they really becoming little divas? Well...they aren't too fond of the paparazzi!!
Makes it hard to get good pictures when I have to chase them around.
AH! That's why they were running. No pants!

Alright. 3 days to go! Keep those donations coming!!!!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

11pm and no donations today...

Kinda makes me sad.

I wanted to share what Katy said while it's still fresh in my head. She has been having a hard time recently going to bed so to give Lisa a break, I took on bedtime. It was not going well.

Katy was crying in her bed because she wanted Lisa. Alyssa was in her bed yelling at Katy to be quiet so she could go to sleep! I was trying to calmly tell them both to be quiet when Katy dropped this gem.

"Daddy, the ONLY way I'm going to stop crying is if you leave and Mommy comes in here."

Monday, May 16, 2011

Kids on set!!

Thank you Dad and Terri for your generous contribution today! We are getting so close...but still over $1000 to go!

I wanted to share some pictures from Saturday when we met our new friends (co-stars from the movie we are filming) at the office to see the giant weather balloon off. Thus... "KIDS ON SET!!"
Cute co-star, huh?!
Balloon away!
A couple more plane shots.
Katy made some very bad decisions during our time with our new she ended up in the car a little early with me. Of course as soon as we started driving home, the little diva fell asleep. Not much longer, Alyssa fell asleep too. After we got home I brought them upstairs and plopped them down on the couch. 2 sleeping girls makes for a good photo op.
Especially when one wakes up and makes a Pulp Fiction pose.
Thanks again Dad and Terri for the donation!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Dance Recital 2011

FOISY family coming through with ANOTHER donation! Thank you Foisy's!!

Today was a big day for the girls, it was their second dance recital. They were very excited (again) to dance on the big stage. They did not disappoint. They did GREAT!!!

Here are some pictures from yesterday's dress rehearsal and today's performance.
Like this one a lot.
Solid rehearsal, time for the big show!
Just a random good picture of one of the dances before our girls.
A view of the full house and stage from the back of the auditorium.
Since I got some good close-ups during rehearsal, I decided to sit in the balcony again and get some shots like last year. Hind sight...should have stayed down in the 3rd row. Lesson learned. Still some good pics.
The highlight was Katy singing during her little solo in the front right. You can actually hear her a couple of times before that but not very well...but when she came up to the front for her solo, it was clear as day and the audience ate it up. You can hear in the video everybody laughing at the 1:20 mark...absolutely gold!!

$1200 to go with 5 days to go!!! Let's get those donations in!!!