Friday, April 29, 2011

Tom keeps the streak going!

Now that I got your attention, go click on that button to the right and donate to an awesome cause!! We're almost to the halfway point. Keep those donations coming!!

Thank you Tom for your donation today! I believe that is your THIRD donation. Well played, sir!

I ran out of time before I had to head to work this evening so this has to be a quick post....still good pictures of course.

Some of you know that the girls have been going through auditions for a movie to be filmed here in Anchorage. From what we know, it's supposed to be a "made for TV" type movie...and a remake of a super hero kids movie from the 80s or 90s. From what we understood initially, they were just looking for some extras but during this 3rd call back, they were feeding the girls quite a bit of lines! So maybe they are actually auditioning for a bigger role...or ROLL for Tom :)

During the audition, I took a few pics with the iphone while the director was feeding the lines. I couldn't believe they did so great with all that pressure... standing by themselves with everybody watching and the camera rolling. It made us such proud parents! They did fantastic!

Big Kahuna on the right is the director... and no I didn't catch his name.
Katy hamming it up!
Alyssa's turn. Alyssa was a little more shy and wasn't talking very loud....but still did wonderful.
Funniest moment came when the director says to Katy...
Dir: "Say 'are we there yet?'"
Katy: "Are we there yet?"
Dir: "Are we there yet?"
Katy: "I just said that"

HAHAHA!!! I love that girl!!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Great friends stepping up and donating for a great cause!

Can't say enough good things about the Shoemakes... life long friends. We love you two!!! Thank you for your donation today.

I wanted to go back and share some more pictures from the Easter egg hunt. I call this first one "red-neck Easter egg hunt".
Alyssa not too happy with her showing.
Just wanted to hide one in the snow to say I did it.
The good news is... we were able to recover the lost pictures. I'll have to share how that happened .... next time someone donates!! :)

Thanks again for the donation today!!


Thank you Helen for your donation today!! Thanks to your contribution, I wanted to share the rest of the dance class pictures from last week. Here are a few more gems that we captured.
Alyssa watching herself dance in the mirror.
Lisa got some good ones this week of the pointed toes.
I wanted to share more tonight but there was an incident. About 30 photos were somehow deleted tonight and I spent a very long time trying to recover them. Hopefully we'll have some luck with that...Lisa and I are both very upset about these missing pics.

Either way, we have lots more ready to go so keep those donations coming!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

keep'em coming!

Today, we received two donations from friends back in the day. Sherri and Michelle, two friends that we have reconnected with over the last couple of years. Thank you both for donating today!!

These pictures are from the girls dance class this last week. Got a few good ones!
This is a little sad. Katy wanted the purple bracelets. :(
Another wink and a thumb. Love these girls.
I'm holding the rest of the pictures from Thursday ransom until we get some more donations!!!

Thanks again Sherri and Michelle for supporting a great cause!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Well played Tom!

I was heading to bed when I get an email notification that we've received another donation! Thank you Tom!!

Here are a few pics from this today's festivities. I had to work most of the day but the girls had an amazing Easter.

Here are the girls' Easter dresses that they wore to church this morning.
So pretty.
Ignore the creepy guy in the background taking pictures with the good camera. :) *note* if you donate at 10pm, you get iphone pictures. :)
Tons of fun today. Thanks for donating Tom so we could share.

26 days left!!!