Monday, April 19, 2010

not so fast my friend

Tonight, we received a late night donation from someone who wishes to remain anonymous...but I can share that this certain person is a great friend who lives in the backwards state of California. Thank you "Tabatha" for your donation. Since we didn't have any pictures or videos ready, we're going to take a trip down memory lane.

Tabatha actually had the great idea of going back and finding some of our favorite videos from years past. So in reverse chronological order, I present to you some of the best.

Easily a top 3 favorite video. This was taken January 12, 2009 so the girls were about 21 months old

Back to 18 months old (October 12, 2008), here they are just learning to dance.

Another top 3 taken July 24, 2008 so they were almost 16 months old. Who could forget the Big Bears?

This is just damn cute. A&K being seriously cute and "never shake a baby". This was taken almost exactly 2 years ago...just after their first birthday.

Alyssa smacking Katy around. Gratuitous baby violence is always good for a laugh...taken in November of 07 so they were about 7 months old.

And here's one all the way back to the NICU...May 6th, week before they came home. You can kind of see how small she is.

Thanks for taking the trip with me down memory lane. They have certainly come a long way in 3 years. Makes me wonder what it's going to be like 3 years from now!


Lisa said...

GREAT idea!!!! That was super fun! So happy for you guys. HUGS!

dsfutch said...

So very special, one and all. The video of the baby smacking reminds me of Morgan sucking Cade's thumb and baby smacking is all good until somebody bumps heads!

Love the NICU shampoo, she was in HOG heaven.

and......NEVER shake the baby.

love y'all