Saturday, July 17, 2010

If you were a hot dog and you were starving...

...would you eat yourself? It's a simple question.

Making the most of this summer while we still have a summer left. Today we ventured out to the Alaska Baseball League, a summer league for college kids trying to make a name for themselves. We had all the intentions in the world to take the girls to a bunch of games this summer. Today Lisa had the great idea to go check a game out...and since the weather is looking pretty crappy for the next couple of days, it might be our last chance to go. So right after naps, we found our baseball hats and went for our next adventure.

My little baseball fans in training. I might have to crop this one of Alyssa. That smile is too much.

65 degrees and sunny. Baseball in Alaska...gotta love it.


We arrived around the 4th inning and by the 8th inning, the girls were ready to go. Not bad for their first outing. On the way out, I stopped and took these last 2 pictures as the guy was swinging. Funny thing is that he fouled the ball up toward us. I saw just enough through the lens to know it was coming toward us but when I looked up I couldn't find the ball. The first baseman was running full speed right toward us. It ended up staying in play and the first baseman made the catch but there was a few seconds of panic as I wildly searched the sky for the ball coming toward my camera...errrrr, I mean my FAMILY!!

Unfortunately, that might have been our last chance to see baseball this year. Maybe next year we'll see some Astro's games!!!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Andybody want to adopt a couple of moose?

Two orphaned sets of twins in one week! The ones that have been hanging out by our house seem to be doing pretty good. These apparently just lost their mom a couple of days ago and are still struggling. The lady that told us that she was put down actually pointed over to where it happened...and it was right where the twins were hanging out. So kinda sad...these cries are for their mommy.

What is cute is Alyssa's response. We told the girls that they were looking for their mommy. When I was talking to the lady about the mom, Alyssa interrupted and told her that the baby moose were sad because they couldn't find their mommy. "...but I'm not sad. My Mommy is right here."

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Quick post to share our latest adventure. This morning, we squeezed in our first kayak adventure with the girls. We went to one of our small local lakes down the street to give them a taste of being on the water. It went really well! The girls were very still ...for the most part. Toward the end (and we're only talking 30 minutes), they were getting kinda squirmy and anxious to get off the boat.

Very excited.

Funny thing on the way there, we ran across an accident that just happened. Looks like somebody....lost his load?!

At the lake, we saw ANOTHER set of orphaned twin moose. Another lady that was walking by said that they had to put down the momma moose a couple of days ago. So sad, these two were crying. I got a video of it...I'll post later tonight.

Getting our life vests on.

LOVE this one!!

Good experience over all. The girls didn't eat a good breakfast because they were so excited so the whining got a little much at the end...but overall, everybody enjoyed our first trip as a family on the lake. Hopefully many more are in our future.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

moose encounters of the first kind

OH I need to catch up!! We haven't really been busy... but just finding other things to do lately instead of posting. I'll blame Sam for introducing me to a new app called Angry Birds. Don't go look it's addictive!!

I have some great photos to share. I'll start with a couple of twin moose that were staying at our cul de sac for a couple of days. Sadly, their mother is nowhere to be found. A neighbor called Fish and Game and they said that after July 4th, the newborn moose are on their own.

At one point, they were separated and you could see the panic in their faces until they found each other again...safely on the other side of the house.

Sunday, July 04, 2010


I salute you!