Thursday, April 15, 2010

7th day in a row!

That much closer to our goal today! We received two donations very early and one very late. I spent a lot of time hitting refresh, refresh, refresh. Thank you to Jane Bartleson and the Almon family for their donations today. Jane is a friend of my Mom's that we've never met. It means that much more when someone we've never met thinks that our cause is worthy of a donation.

Luke and Carrie Almon have PLENTY to celebrate. Carrie was just notified today that she got a new job. They have also come across some tough times with their pets...especially their dog. Carrie hasn't shared how much these visits to the vet have cost but I know it has to be very to receive this donation even when they are spread a little thin because of all the extra vet bills is very special. Thank you for donating today!

At our house today, Lisa took the evening off to go to a movie and have some cocktails with some friends. That left Daddy in charge for a couple hours including bedtime. It went pretty good. Understandably, I was a little late getting them to sleep but otherwise it went really well. We even managed to build a tent, run around, and take a few cute pictures.

Katy and I were in the tent while Alyssa was running around the outside scaring us. Picture is of Katy keeping a close eye on Alyssa.

I think it's official, Alyssa is a ham.

Hope you enjoyed.


Honey said...

Next to the last picture; the one where no curls are visible - that's soooo "baby you," Andy. I was shocked when I saw it. Most of the time they look like Lisa with a little you thrown in for good measure, but this one...... Adorable pictures!
Love, Mom

Andrew and Kendra said...

Tents are the BEST!!

Sambo said...

I am loving the pictures!!!