Thursday, April 30, 2009

We'll make it up to you...

Hi everyone Lisa here. Andy was not feeling well tonight and crashed right after the girls went to bed. I have NO idea how to add pictures/movies so I apologize for the lack of post tonight. However, I would like to thank Patricia for her generous donation in honor of John Burton Pezko. Our thoughts and prayers are with all your family at this time.

Sorry again and we'll make it up to you tomorrow!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


...was it hot today! We got up to 65 degrees. Just a reminder, last year we only hit 70 degrees twice all year so getting up into the mid 60s in late April is pretty nice. We took full advantage of the beautiful weather and the day off work to do some errands and then some outdoor chores around the house. After naps, we took a long walk down to a park on our trail that we haven't been to before. It was a perfect fit for the girls. They immediately starting climbing around and going down the slides on their own. SO amazing how far we have come. Several times today Lisa and I looked at each other and shared our disbelief in what was happening before our eyes...our little babies are growing up into toddlers.

You can thank our friend Scott for today's post. He contributed today raising our total to $1735! Come on everybody...let's get to $2000!
As a bonus, how 'bout a quick video of the girls diving head first down the slide.

AND...I saved some more pictures for future posts.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


WOW! What a great lunch! That went off so much better than we could have ever anticipated. We raised a whopping $360 today!!

The girls did phenomenal. Initially, they were a little shy but warmed up to everyone nicely. Lisa and I are exhausted so I'm going to get right to some pictures.

By the way, all the credit goes to Lisa. She did such a wonderful job putting all of this together. I also have to mention that Judith from Alexandria, VA donated today. Thank you for your contribution.

Fisherman Nate putting on a blog worthy face while stuffing his face with good food.

It's "other Andy".

After we cleaned up, the girls were itching to really strecth their legs. So we walked them up the hill by the office. Be sure to click on at least this first picture and look how old Alyssa looks. It took our breath away tonight when we saw it.

So now that we've surpassed any expectation we had going into this year, how will the next 18 days go?? We are all the way up to $ awesome feat!

Monday, April 27, 2009


...came through with a big donation today! Those of you who don't know him, his real name is Todd but some of us refer to him as "The Foisinator". Also, Lisa's Grandmother in Indiana contributed...bringing our total up to $1325 with our big lunch tomorrow.

Lisa worked very hard today to get everything ready including making brownies and 80-some cookies. All the ingredients for the sandwiches are ready to go. We were just debating about whether we should go to bed for a few hours and get up at 2:30 to put everything in the crock pot or just stay up. It's just about midnight and Lisa's about done with the Wii Yoga and I'll be done posting in a few so hmmmmmm. Wii bowling or sleep? I don't know.

I took some pictures and videos this morning just in case someone donated. So first, Lisa mixing up the batch of cookies.

And then there's me trying to entertain the babies to keep them out of the kitchen.

We eventually went outside and played. But before then, I managed to get a couple funny videos. First, Alyssa chasing me around while uncontrollably laughing. At first though, notice how both of them sign thank you when I say "no thank you".

And a video of Katy doing my favorite thing. I think I told this story before but the girls were watching me watch a basketball game and Katy picked up on my saying "YES". It has stuck.

Well you'll definitely get a post tomorrow cause I'm POSITIVE we're going to raise some money. Wish us luck.

8th night in a row posting

That means we're raising a lot of money. Today, our long time friend and her family (Amy, Dave, and kids) get the credit. They donated today bringing out total up to $1250!! I don't even want to mention our goal because we have already far surpassed any expectation we had going into this. You guys are all amazing...and we still have 20 days left!

I really do think Tuesday is going to be a big success at my work. It seems like many people are excited...granted it could just be because we're bringing home cooked food and "selling" it for $5. We are hoping people get the idea that we're raising money...not just selling food, and give much more than $5. We'll see. I know it is going to be a success no matter what but it sure would be nice for it to be a HUGE success.

Speaking of stuffing our are a couple pictures of the girls during breakfast this morning.

After we did all the shopping for the Tuesday meal, we ran back home so I could load up the bikes (side story but we sold our bikes today to Sam and Cindy) before I went to work. While I was doing that, the girls and Lisa went next door to played with the next door neighbors in their backyard. I couldn't resist grabbing the camera and taking a few quick pics of the fun.

And now for the lecture portion of today's post...for those of you who wished yesterday's post focused around the girls (whether you voiced your opinion or were secretly disappointed when you checked the blog), I selected yesterday's theme for a reason. ONE...Nate's mom donated yesterday and what better way to thank her than by showing her pictures of her son doing the thing he loves thousands of miles from home. And TWO...Nate was also a preemie. So to go full circle here...Nate is another reason you should be donating. It's programs like March for Babies that helped little tiny premature babies like our girls and Nate (way back in the late 80s) insure they had the best start to life as possible. So while it may have looked like I was showing off my adventure yesterday, I was really supporting our cause from another point of view.

...or maybe you were right and I just wanted to brag!