Saturday, April 10, 2010

Ballerina Party!

Thanks to a very generous donation from Margie, we get to share pictures from our ballerina birthday bash today. THANK YOU MARGIE...and Todd too!!

Well it didn't start very good. We had to change up our routine a little bit today for the party which is never a good idea with these girls. We woke them up a little early from their nap and they did NOT want to cooperate. It quickly turned into a tantrum and a fight to get them out of the door but once we were in the car and talking about the party, then things got a lot better. Then we arrived...and all was right with the world.

9 other girls joined us for an awesome hour and a half of dance, playing, and CAKE!

Katy looking serious while thinking about what's she is going to do to that cake later.

Alyssa with her friend Emerson.

Alyssa noticed herself in the mirror and had to react to her cuteness.

I think Alyssa was enjoying herself.

Next door neighbor girls Hannah and Andrea participated and did a wonderful job helping out too.

The mom's talking about how cute their girls are.

Hard to tell, but I think they are having a good time.

I'M SO HAPPY!!!!!!

Hannah showing off her mad ballet skills.


Nom nom nom nom.

They got some kitties. They were the cat's meow. The girls LOVE them.

I hope neighbor Lisa doesn't mind me posting this. Very cute.

There are a half-a-dozen videos that we need to look through and post too. But this was a good start. That's 45 pics out of about 150!! Good times.

Now I think we're done celebrating the girls birthday. Just in time because tomorrow (the 11th) is LISA'S BIRTHDAY!!! Happy birthday, Lisa!

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