Friday, April 16, 2010


Well, my Mom helped us reach the half way point today! After 2 weeks...we've already reached the half way point. TWO WEEKS!! Thank you everybody! We have 4 weeks to get the last $1500. That's right...the walk is 4 weeks from tomorrow. As fast as we've raised the first $1500, I feel like it's going to be tough to keep this momentum going. But I have faith! "So let's DO THIS THING!!"

Thanks again Mom for getting us to this big milestone.

Lisa took this picture of the girls waking up this morning in the same crib. This was the first night that they actually fell asleep and stayed in the same crib all night. Pretty cute.

I came home early from work so Lisa could go to a continuing education thing. So the girls didn't have to do much convincing for me to build them another tent. We then tried to take our nap in the tent. It didn't go too well. So they ended up back in their beds and lost a lot of time. These next few pictures are after I had to wake them up so they didn't sleep too late into the afternoon.

They were not too happy about me waking them up.

After I watched the Astros lose their 8th out of their first 9 games, I watched A&M lose a heartbreaker to texas in extra innings. So I decided to work on the girls' game. Katy has a nice natural swing.

Haven't had any bath pictures in a long time.

Look at that concentration.

Yup, she's a ham.

I have a feeling we won't get a donation this weekend. I know, I should have faith in you all. But I just have a feeling. Please prove me wrong!!

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Beth said...

Those pictures are ADORABLE.