Monday, December 18, 2006

A reason to celebrate

Today, Lisa and I celebrate our 7th anniversary!

Friday, December 15, 2006


We found out yesterday...we're having girls! :) What can I say? I didn't have a gut feeling either way but am now finding out that everybody "knew it". That's the most common response so far, even at work.

The appointment went great. It took over an hour for the doc to see everything he wanted to see. The babies, I mean the girls, looked fantastic. They were both squirming around and one always seem to move right when the doc was trying to get a picture of something. We think it was the same baby that was dancing around so much last time too. We were able to see cross sections from head to toe.

Toward the end, he showed us the "girl parts" and told us the good news. He then switched to the 3-d ultrasound and saw some amazing pictures. I took the video camera and recorded some and hope to share that on here after I figure out how to transfer it. In the mean time, here are some still shots.

Looks like to me the one on the right is smiling.

The ladies chilling. Looks like the one on the left is waving with her right hand and saying gig'em with the other. Good little ags!

...and the money shot.

Monday, December 11, 2006

She's starting to pop

We have our next appointment on Friday but I'd thought now would be a good time to update the expanding belly. Lisa's had some growing pains and is getting over her cold slowly...but overall things are going okay. We're really looking forward to Friday.

Lisa had me laughing out loud tonight. She had a terrible day at work, came home and cried, and then spent 3 hours at the computer writing up reports. But we were just getting ready for bed and she let out a little scream in the other room. I perked up and asked if everything was okay and she walks over to me with her shirt up pointing out her belly button. She says, "I just sneezed and my belly button popped out!!! Feel it! FEEL IT!!!" She was freaking out. She has an outie now.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

December 5 Checkup

We needed a pick-me-up today and we go it. We were able to ease our worrisome minds with some reassurance from our doctor that we're doing everything right and the babies are perfectly healthy. The doctor determined that Lisa's cold is a viral infection and antibiotics aren't necessary. The best course of action is to drink plenty of fluids and keep taking Sudafed. All the cramping, throwing up, sniffs, and gagging is a natural part of being pregnant and will eventually pass.

So after that settling news and getting a nice pep talk, we headed over to get a quick ultrasound. Unfortunately, it was not the 3-d ultrasound like the last one but we did make an appointment for next Friday to have that done. That will be VERY exciting because we will most likely find out the sex of the two little ones during that next visit. This ultrasound was to just do a quick check to make sure they're alive and kicking.

And now for the best part of the day...the second the doc put the wand on Lisa's belly, this perfect image of baby number 1 popped up on the screen. He/she was wiggling around and showing off for us again. Baby number 2 wasn't as easy to see. He/she was situated in a way that we could really only see the top of his/her head and the upper torso. Afterwards, I was brought to tears. I was SO excited to see those little ones doing so good. It has been challenging for us, especially Lisa, and it was so rewarding and comforting to see our happy babies alive and well...and GROWING!! They are really starting to look like little babies.

So here are the pics of the two little ones. In the second picture, if you are having a hard time seeing it, the top of the head is on the right and the spine and upper torso goes off to the left.

Monday, December 04, 2006

We're at an all-time low over here

What a weekend! After a fun snow day on Friday, things went downhill fast. Friday night we spent with Lisa and Ben and probably stayed out a little bit too late. Saturday was house party night. We went to 3 different parties eventhough Lisa was feeling a little under the weather.

Sunday...the floor fell out from us. Lisa is as sick as she's been since we found out. She has a nasty cold and nothing seems to be helping. That in combination with the morning sickness is bringing the morale way down.

So we're feeling bad, right? I decided while Lisa was in bed to do some cleaning Sunday. I get out the vacuum and when I start it up, smoke starts pouring out of the side! This is 3 year old $200+ vacuum we bought to deal with all the dog hair...guess that didn't pan out too well.

So today, I decide to get some laundry done. I start the washer up and laid down. I hear an awful sound and run to the laundry room only to smell AND SEE smoke coming from behind the washer!!!! What are the freaking chances!?!?!? 2 appliances in 2 days practically catch fire.

So what's the good news? It can't all be bad, right? Well we have an appointment with the doc tomorrow morning. Certainly the doc will be able to give Lisa some relief from her symptoms. Both of our fantasy football teams won. We're leaving for Germany in 17 days. All signs are that the babies are doing well. Hopefully that'll be comfirmed tomorrow at the appointment.

Say a little prayer for us.

I leave you with a picture from Friday night at Lisa and Bens. We played Monopoly by the fire until...well until Lisa B won.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Big Snow = Big Fun

Friday, December 1, was a good day. We got 5 to 7 inches of the white stuff across town. It was my first day off so Lisa, Ben, Lisa R, Venessa, and I made the most of our afternoon. After I bought my snowboard!!!!!! we went up to Russian Jack Park to go snowboarding/sledding. It was a blast. The snow was untouched so we were able to make our own trails and I was able to experience snowboarding down some fresh powder. I've heard it compared to floating on a cloud, that is accurate. It was like nothing I'd ever done before. It was very forgiving and lot of fun. Here are some pics from this evening's festivities.

My first attempt

Lisa R giving the snowboard a try and doing pretty good.

I thought this one looked like an album cover or something. It'd be better if it was in focus but you get the point. It was funny because it was so spontaneous, too. I just said, hey let me get your picture as they were walking up the hill and this is how they stopped and posed.