Monday, April 26, 2010

Luncheon success!!!

Today was our second annual luncheon at my office, the National Weather Service Forecast Office in Anchorage. Lisa and I put on quite the spread of goodies...with some assistance. We need to thank 3 families that contributed the desserts; Alberta and her husband Rick made two amazing cakes, Michelle made a huge batch of cookies, and Kristi also made a delicious batch.

Lisa made two slow cooker meals. The first was a repeat from last year...a Caribbean Jerk Chicken Sandwich. The second is a favorite around our house but we have never made it in mass quantities...a Root Beer BBQ Beef.

We charged $10 per person to get in the door and managed to raise quite a bit of money. For the day, we collected $392!!! WOW!!

There were many people that threw in to our donation jar today but I know a few of these people made more substantial donations including Sam Albanese, Louise, Alberta, and Christian. Thank you everybody for making the luncheon another huge success!!

After only 3 hours of sleep last night, I am off to bed early tonight! The girls felt better today...good enough to stay for the whole lunch. They crashed hard afterward (well we all did).

Here are the girls showing a little impatience as we set up everything.

Looking stylish as ever.

Overall, a great day. I'm so happy we took this on again this year and it paid off huge. Thank you again to everyone who contributed!

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