Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Boulder, CO represent'n!!!

Great day! I love progress!! Today, we thank the Kriedermans, Sherri, Marsha, and a late donation from the one and only, Todd Foisy. And an even later donation just came in from Emily! Way to go Niebs!! Lisa and Ben have been some of the best friends we could ask for. They are the most generous and fun people we've ever met...and we miss them dearly.

Sherri was a high school friend of both Lisa and mine. Thanks to Facebook, we have been getting to know each other again and realized how much we have in common. Besides Sherri being a twin (we knew that part!), her daughter had an early start to her life and spent the first 62 days in the NICU! Since then, she's recovered completely and has no signs from her tough beginning. Funny both the Kriedermans and Sherri and her family live in Boulder!!

Lisa worked with Marsha back in Texas at TEP (Therapuetic Education Program). It is a very special school that has some of the most caring and giving people I can remember.

Todd and Emily are two of the nicest, most genuine people I know. I think very highly of those two.

See a reoccurring theme? We are blessed to be surrounded by so many caring friends. Thank you for being in our lives!

So now to share a little bit of our lives with you. Yesterday while I was at work, Lisa and the girls wanted to throw their new kittens a birthday party. There is an ALMOST great picture that Lisa took...until she realized afterward that Alyssa wasn't pointing, she was showing Lisa the huge boogie on the tip of her finger. Eeewwwwwwweeee! After regrouping and cleaning house, she still managed to get a couple good ones...pictures that is.

Fun with water paints. The girls are such artists.

Here's a video of the girls and a new toy they got yesterday. "Aunt" Donna Futch sent the girls headlamps and they LOVE THEM!! They immediately put them on and ran into their room. This is what happened next.

We are on our way! The walk is about 4.5 weeks away. Keep those donations coming! And thank you for supporting us.

Oh. One more thing. I've added a link on the side where I'm tracking my weight loss. After the girls were born, I lost a LOT of weight. I've managed to gain most of that back over the past 2 years. Now it's time to get this thing back under control. Takes a little courage to post this so .... sigh ... here it goes.

I'll update this chart every day so if you're interested, you can follow my ups and downs (hopefully more downs if you know what I mean). I'm hoping this will give me a little more accountability if I know someone might be watching my progress.

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dsfutch said...

Makes me smile and giggle a little everytime I hear them say my name. I love how they turn their heads to see the light move. I hope they get to use them to look for creepy crawly things too.....my kind of girls. I love you all, so glad it was a great birthday MONTH!