Sunday, January 20, 2013

Back in the saddle in 2013

I'm back.  After a few weeks of visitors and being lazy, I'm finally continuing my effort to catch up on the blog.  I've started and stopped this post a couple of times because there are SO many pictures I wanted to go through.

So the main reason we went on this vacation was to go to Lisa's brother's wedding in Ohio.  The girls were asked if they would be flower girls.  As you can see, they were PERFECT little flower girls.  These first pictures are obviously from the rehearsal.  Carey (the bride) found flower girl shirts in their favorite colors....perfect.

 The setting at Benham's Grove in Centerville.
 The girls adjusting to the heat.  I think it was in the mid to upper 90s the days of the rehearsal and wedding. Yikes.

 Absolutely beautiful little angels.  
Notice the blue and pink headbands so they were still wearing their colors.
 They did such a great job.  They had to remember to walk side by side and then when they got to this point, start dropping their flowers.   
 Love this picture.
 Carey walking down the aisle with her dad.
 Being a worrier, I wondered if the girls would be able to stand still up front for the whole ceremony.  
They did phenomenal! 
 I was the backup photographer so I stood in the back and tried to capture some moments.  
 As you'll see, I thought the back of the dresses were so beautiful and made for great pictures.
 Still little red-cheeked angels in the receiving line.
 My ladies....
 Walking around picking up flowers and reliving their moment in the spotlight.  
Then... what is that over there girls???  
 The chase is ON!  Love how the girls picked up their dresses and went after the bunny.

 If you look close, you can see the bunny on the right side of the frame.  The girls couldn't see it so they kept creeping closer and closer until it ran away...making them scream of course.  
 Hey Katy, where's the bunny?
 On our way to the reception.  Love the back. 

 The girls loved ringing their bells at the table.  
It took them a while to figure out what happened when they rang them.  
 Love this picture of the girls watching the cutting of the cake.

 More pictures of the girls exploring the area...trying to find that bunny again.

 Katy... the bunny...where was it??

 One of my favorites.  Glad I captured this moment of Alyssa.
 Out of their flower girl dresses and ready to party.
FYI...don't ask a flower girl to share their dessert.  Ever. 
 Dancing with the bride.
 ...and just overall having a great time.
 Thank you so much Keith and Carey for letting us be a part of your wedding.  It was a very special day!

And if you didn't know, the girls have landed another wedding "gig" in a few months in North Carolina.  I can't wait to see them a year older at another wedding!!  Going to be pretty epic.