Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Sick baby.....

It breaks our heart when these girls aren't feeling 100%. You can just tell they don't feel right and don't know why. It usually involves lots of additional whining. The last couple of days Katy has been fighting a fever. Last night was the worst night we've had in months trying to get them to sleep. Katy couldn't calm down so we went in to make sure she didn't need a diaper change. Of course that woke up Alyssa and it was ON. Alyssa seemed very confused as to what was going on so it took quite a while to get her calm and to stay asleep. She's definitely entered the toddler phase with her voice...that girl can SCREAM!!

So tonight, Katy had a bit of a fever after dinner. We were going to do baths so while we were waiting for our dinner to finish up, we mentioned "bath" to the girls and started getting them ready. They both got SO excited. It was good enough that I had to take a video and share it tonight. Enjoy.

After the bath, bedtime went much better tonight. They went back to their normal fuss (not cry) for 5 minutes or so and have stayed asleep since. I'm hoping we've turned the corner and we'll get rid of that fever tomorrow.

All the new camera pictures are on the other computer so I'll just share a couple screen shots my friend took of me tonight while we were chatting. I thought it was pretty funny. We were talking about who-knows-what and he captured these images without me knowing and then shared later. It's definitely good for a laugh.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

October 12, 2008....a really fun day

We had our 3rd measurable snowfall of the year. This one is a little more substantial. It snowed all day today but only managed just over an inch. Then when the girls woke up from their afternoon nap, we decided to go out for a walk. By the time we got outside, it was REALLY snowing. It probably snowed an inch and a half while we were out. Here are a couple pictures from the walk. We had to stop a lot to wipe off the cover so they could see.

Well since I didn't have any good close up pictures of the girls, I figured I'd download some videos. First is a couple videos of Katy's new way of talking. We have no idea where she picked this up but the more she did it, the more we laughed, which means the more she does it.

The girls have been dancing for a while which was just shaking their shoulders but lately they've been grabbing our hands for stability and moving their legs. Well today they decided they didn't need us and started DANCING!!! It was a fun day of NAH NAH and dancing.

Every picture and video was taken today.

Monday, October 06, 2008


...and snow! This evening, we had our first measurable snow. I was working as the forecast went out and was there through the onset of Anchorage's first snow event of the season. side...if you don't know what I do, take a look at the profile. In addition to all that excitement, a couple of moose visited the office. So my friend and colleague, Sam, went out to launch the balloon...oh, you can read the whole story on his blog.

At any rate, he took some AWESOME pictures of the moose about 100 yards away from where I work. Since I didn't have my camera with me , I had to steal a couple of pictures from his blog to share on mine.

To clarify, the first picture is not of a moose. It is a rare photo of another indigenous hairy mammal in his *natural habitat*.

*natural habitat* - besides being a natural husband and father, this hairy mammal is most comfortable sitting in front of multiple computer screens monitoring and forecasting weather. In this photo, you can see the subject is observing radar echo returns of the first measurable snowfall in Anchorage proper...a rare and fascinating photo.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Okay...a few more pics from the old camera

We took a couple videos on the old camera last night that I wanted to share. One great feature of the D90 is it takes 720p quality video. I don't know why but we haven't used it yet. So last night when I wanted to take a couple videos, I reached for the old digital camera and took these gems.

I was taking videos of the girls dancing. I had taken a couple videos and had just shown Alyssa the video. I hit record to make another video and she started walking around me in circles. You can hear Lisa half way through when she realized that Allysa was trying to walk behind me to see the back of the camera. So when I realized this, I started showing her the screen and then showing her to get her reaction. I couldn't have scripted this better. It was all pretty funny.

Plus I found some more photos that we hadn't downloaded. I think it was last weekend, we took a couple bike rides with the girls. We are getting way too close to winter so we're trying to get outside as often as possible before it gets too cold or too much snow on the ground. We actually had some big snowflakes today...nothing stuck but another reminder that winter is very very close.

First, Alyssa for some reason really wanted to wear her sunglasses in the bathtub. I guess she's getting ready for Hawaii. Lisa snapped this while me and the girls were watching some football last Sunday morning.
Here's the 10.4 mile bike ride a couple weeks ago. The girls napped most of the way. What made the ride especially difficult is the hill at the end. I managed to make it all the way up without stopping, even though I was hauling an extra 75 pounds behind me.
We thought this tree was beautiful. It was very close to this area where Madison saw her first moose. The thought had crossed our mind to spread her ashed under this tree.
The girls seem pretty content at the end of the ride.

Last weekend we took another bike ride that was about 5.5 miles long. Half way through we had this view of Mt. McKinley and Mt. Foraker. Amazing!!

The second video. After we realized what was going on, we thought we'd try it one more time to see what would happen...another funn video!

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Some more random D90 pics

I was going through the first set of pictures resizing some of them to put on my ipod and thought I would go ahead and share a few more. No interesting stories or videos today...just more cute pictures.

The answer key is: K, A, K, A, AK, K, KA, K