Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Another birthday celebration!!

My mom's birthday was today! Happy birthday, Mom! It sounded like she had a great day. We even got to spend some time with her on a video conference call which is always special.

Another big day today with donations from Dave S (friend at work) and Linda W. (a friend of a that's extra special that the word is getting out). We also had another pledge that says a check is in the mail and another possible pledge...both friends of Amy that are going to donate to our cause. I think we're going to blow right by our goal of $3000!!! Way to go team!!

Today, the girls had their 3 year check-up. They both weighed 27.4 pounds. Katy actually measured a quarter inch taller (I personally think she just has better posture). Katy is 36 and 3/4 inches and Alyssa is 36 and 1/2 inches. They are getting up into the 15% percentile on their weight and 30th to 50th percentile on their height!! It wasn't too long ago that they were still well below the chart!

While we were waiting for Mom to get home from their night on the town, we had a little tea party with the Longaberger tea set that Mom had sent for the girls.

Here's our video chat with my mom.

I wanted to share this picture cause you can actually see Mom's cat that the girls were trying to pet. Ignore the sick guy on the right side wiping the sweat from his forehead.

I also donated another $8 to get us to a nice round $2500!! I couldn't stand being at a odd number. Come on, guys! Let's blow by $3000!!!!

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Honey said...

AWESOME pictures. What a gift for me! I think you are 100% WILL blow past the $3000 mark "And Beyond!"