Sunday, April 04, 2010

Happy Easter!!

Well, I'm posting because we RECEIVED A DONATION!!! Today's post is thanks to a generous donation from Julie! We had an exciting day and lots of pictures to share. Yesterday, we got the girls some helmets for their tricycles. We had biked down to the end of the street on Friday with a lot of stopping and walking involved. Today was a different story. Today, with their helmets, there was no stopping them. They went down to the end of the street and didn't want to stop so we went all the way around the block. They rode their bikes the WHOLE TIME!! Of course, I had the camera with me so there will be pictures.

But today was EASTER! The girls took a great nap in their "big girl beds" (pictures are in the queue) and while they were sleeping, the Easter Bunny came and left a few presents and some candy. Oh how the girls loved that candy. They haven't had much candy at all so this was a huge treat (pun intended). Alyssa LOVED the chocolate eggs and Katy LOVED the jelly beans. We only gave them a few of each but Alyssa managed to sneak an extra one in our bedroom...I wonder where she gets that from!?

A few extra Easter presents from Granny.

Time to find the eggs.

For whatever reason, Alyssa didn't want to use her Easter basket. She preferred her Easter...bucket.

Katy was a MASTER at finding those eggs. We couldn't slow her down. She was on fire!

Lisa got the girls some new outfits.

So tomorrow is the girls birthday. As Alyssa would say, "Are you kidding me?!" The girls turn 3 tomorrow. I can't believe it's been 3 years since they made their early arrival. Now they are riding tricycles! We'll be taking tons of pictures and videos tomorrow...but will hold them hostage until our next donation. That part is up to YOU!


Anonymous said...

Wow 3 yrs old. Time sure fly's by..What cute girls..Sue

Anonymous said...

Wow! What a special post for ME!! haha! LOVED your Easter photos and their birthday ones were also ADORABLE! That photo of them blowing out their cupcake candles is so cute-they look like mirrors of each other. It is so hard to believe they are already 3! That carrot nibbled by the Easter bunny was so cute! You'll have to bring them by NV sometime to play in Kindergarten! That would be fun! After-school sometime?.....Julie