Saturday, May 21, 2011

now THAT'S how you finish!!!

Whoah! Not much else to say but that. WOW! Today alone, we received 9 last minute donations for a total of $800!!! You guys had us worried that we weren't going to make our goal. Holy COW!!

Here is everybody that contributed today

Nelson family
my Mom and Dad
Solum family
Cassell family
and the Gilkeson family!

Way to go everybody! Well done!

The girls are fighting off a cold so we didn't make it outside today. We let them sleep in as much as they could to try and recoup. This bug going around the movie set is ridiculous...the director actually didn't make it today so there was a very different vibe going on. Not quite as enjoyable. Hopefully he'll be back tomorrow.

Speaking of, we did manage to get the morning off tomorrow so that we could make the walk (thank goodness!). We'll have to leave straight from the walk and head to the studio for what we're hoping is a quick afternoon of shooting.

So here are a few pics from this morning...just goofing off during lunch.
Not sure what Alyssa was doing here.
Katy is also very SERIOUS!!
Two very serious faces.
Lisa reading the girls a bed time story after a LONG day at the movie set.
And because this has been such an awesome day, I want to share two photos I snapped today. Without saying his name (hope you know or can figure it out), this is the major movie star in one of his full costumes. He is always stopping by to say hi and play with the kids while we wait for our turn. Today he sang us "That's Amore". It was PHENOMENAL!!
So tomorrow morning...we WALK!! Thank you everyone for making this another very successful year! We couldn't do it without each and every one of you.

Thank YOU!!!

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