Sunday, May 01, 2011

And now it is our favorite time...


Last week the girls went to their first concert...Signing Time with Rachel Coleman. It was a blast! If you've never heard of the Signing Time series, you should check it out. It is an amazing TV/DVD series that teaches American Sign Language to children and their parents. Rachel's personal story is inspirational and touching. Her love and passion shine through in her work and the music she writes/performs.

A special thanks needs to go out to Jen & Rich Reiter and Jen Aist for making the night possible!

Back to the we invited Malena and Miss Kendra to go to the concert with us. We made a night of it and took all the kiddos out to dinner and then made our way to Providence. Alyssa and Katy could barely contain their excitement. They (especially Katy) had to tell EVERYONE we were going to see Rachel. Once we got to Providence, we joined a bunch of our multiples group friends and enjoyed the show picnic-style. During the show Rachel pulled volunteers from the crowd to sign and sing with her...Katy and Alyssa wanted to go up SO BAD (there were even tears). However, the disappointment didn't last long when they got to MEET, TALK TO, HUG, and GAWK at Rachel and Hopkins! It was hilarious...their first celebrity sighting! Rachel was SO SWEET! We got autographs, pictures (obviously), and little goodies. She even taught the girls the sign for "twins". It was a GREAT night and another realization of how far we have come. I remember my little babies waking up in the morning and begging (and signing) for the videos. As usual, one of the girls managed to put it best. A la Katy, it was "a dream come true"!

And with that we come to the proverbial photo cliffhanger...

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