Tuesday, May 03, 2011

The Imaginarium and More...

Just another day in the "Life and Adventures of Alyssa and Katy"!
They just crack me up!
These pictures were taken after their 3rd audition for the kid's movie filming in Anchorage.  And just in case you were wondering...THEY GOT THE PART!  We found out on Sunday and are still in shock...this whole thing came out of nowhere and has been such a whirlwind.  Fittings, cast meet and greets, call sheets, catering requests...totally crazy...and that was only today!  Hopefully this will be a fun, once in a lifetime experience that we can all treasure and laugh over.

And now back to reality...on Saturday we joined Kendra and Malena at the Imaginarium downtown.  We had not been since they moved the exhibit into the actual museum.  It was great...so much to do and see! 

Here are Katy and Alyssa in front of a gorgeous (and HUGE) painting of Mt. McKinley
All the kids had a blast...they got to pet a baby alligator, watch a snapping turtle walk around and explore the exhibit area, play at the water table, puzzles, magnets...and don't forget the BUBBLES!
Malena, Alyssa and I playing in the bubbles!
After the Imaginarium it was off to lunch and the mall...
what a great day!


Mama*fuenf said...

And why wouldn't they have gotten the part? They are just sooo adorable... Congrats!

Petra said...

Congratulations! Of course they got the part, they are just sooo adorable!