Sunday, May 15, 2011

nice day off

I can't tell you how bad we needed this day off! All of us are just exhausted. 5 days in a row of filming has been a real challenge. It's funny how our perspectives have changed. Last year, we were so nervous/anxious about the girls much so that we were rehearsing at home and talking about it nonstop. This year is quite a bit different. A few minutes on the big stage seems like such a sinch compared to what they are doing every day for the last week and a half.

It showed today during the rehearsal. They didn't even flinch. The highlight (for us at least) was Katy singing at the top of her lungs the song she was supposed to be just dancing to. Everybody loved it and I can almost guarantee she'll do it again tomorrow. Of course if you want to see/hear their performance, you'll have to donate!!!

Today's post is thanks to a good friend who moved far away from us. Thank you Renee (and family) for your very generous donation early this morning!!

I will provide a little tease. I got quite a few pics today during rehearsal.
After lunch, a trip up to the office to see the balloon off, and then to the grocery store, the girls were done. Katy had a melt down somewhere in there and both fell asleep in the car. Katy was still having a hard time waking up so she snuggled up with Lisa. I like this series of pictures. Seems like this movie may be getting to her head.
Thanks again Renee. Wish the girls luck tomorrow...should be another fun day.


Anonymous said...

I thought you just got back from 9 days off?

Andrew and Kendra said...

Oh my gosh. Could they BE any cuter?? Little girls in dance costume are just adorable!!