Monday, May 02, 2011

The Meet and Greet with Rachel

After the show, we waited around with our fellow groupies to see if we could snag a few moments with Rachel.  Let me tell was worth the wait.  If you can't tell from the photo, the girls were just eating it up!  Let's see...they told Rachel their names, that they were twins, and just turned 4 years old.  After expressing their love for Rachel, they asked her to teach them the sign for was a magical moment! 

I LOVE the expressions in this photo! 
Katy's giving the "I can't believe it" face and Alyssa didn't want to take her eyes off Rachel. 

Autograph time...we brought along the girls 2 favorite DVDs and got a personalized autograph for each of them! you think they are excited?!?!

More Signing Time Groupies...
(and fellow parents in our "Double Cruisers" group)

Ginger and her twins, Averie and Andrew!

The family who made it happen...The Reiters!
Jen, Rich, the Twins (Noah and Avery), and Baby Jacob soon to make his appearance

The Price Family!
Alex, Carolyn, Lewis, and the Triplets (Ruby, Sage, & Miles)

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