Thursday, May 12, 2011

momentum is a beautiful thing!

Today, we received two more donations bringing us to over $2300 with just 9 days left! Still have lots of work to do...hopefully we can pull this off somehow and make our goal of $4000.

Thank you Chasity and Laura for your donations today. I also need to go back and thank the people that donated last week. Lisa was posting for me (for the first time btw!!) while I was out of town. She was so wrapped up with the how...she forgot to mention the "who".

So going back to May 1, we need to thank Josh for his donation.
May 2, Mr. Dang came in with his 4th donation to keep the ball rolling.
May 3, Randolf made a generous donation. Lisa and I have to admit that we don't know however you came across our blog and felt moved to donate, THANK YOU!!

May 4, we received three from Michelle (who is also the mother of twins), one from Emily (who works with me), and a donation from Dad and Terri! THANK YOU all for your donation!

I think that catches us up to tonight. We had another very busy day on the movie set. The girls did PHENOMENAL again and continue to have so much fun. The only challenge is the "hurry up and wait". 4 year olds can only be entertained in a waiting room for so long...but once they are on set, they are perfect little angels and love doing their lines. After I left, Lisa said they had the whole crew cracking up. They really are little entertainers.

But before we get to some of those pictures, I have to share some of my trip down south. I had to go to Kansas City for a week for some training. I managed to squeeze in some time with a special friend while I was there...including going to see a Royals game. It's the first MLB game I've seen since 03!! That's a long time to go to see a major league game. Tom and I decided to do it right and pay for some nice seats. It was WELL worth it. It was an awesome experience. Here is the view from the bar up above our seats.
And the view from our seats.
On to Houston for the weekend to see my brother and his family. It was also my bro's birthday so it worked out nice that I was able to celebrate that with him too.
His kids picked the birthday restaurant...I'm guessing it had something to do with the huge sombrero. Scott took it in stride...even when they smeared some whip cream on his nose.
Future baseball star on our way to A&M.
Awesome picture of Scott and Austin as the train comes by. Of note, I sent this to my parents and they BOTH thought this was me!! not me....Scott. :)
One of my favorite spots on the planet. Too bad it was 95 degrees!!
Alright, back to the girls. Here are a few fun shots we took the last 2 days. First is Alyssa getting some makeup on her knees...because they have a few cuts and bruises on them.
Many people have asked if the girls are having fun...the answer is YES!! Of course they are. If they weren't, we wouldn't be doing this.
Nothing says entertainment like letting the girls take the pictures while we wait for the next shoot.
Quick family portrait (minus Lyssa) while we were waiting.
I shared this on facebook but wanted to post here too. This is on the side of the set where Katy was on. We found a nice spot on the side out of the way where we could watch Katy.
Thanks again to everyone who donated. Only 9 days left so get the word out and keep those donations coming!!!!

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