Friday, May 13, 2011

blogger is back up!

Sorry for the missed post yesterday. Kinda scary that blogger has the occasional problem...really makes me want to backup everything. Probably shouldn't worry but I do but it looks like everything is back up and running.

So yesterday was a great day. We had 4 donations!! Thank you to Anne & Kyle, Lisa's Dad & Terri, Katrina, and Becky! Wow, what an amazing day!! It's going to take that kind of effort to make our goal this week. Spread the word and donate...only 7 days to go!!

Our crazy adventure with the movie continues. The girls are still having a blast. I will admit the schedule is really tough. We are there for most of the day (8 to 10 hours). Of course they aren't "working" the whole time. The majority of that time is spent waiting. A 5 minute warning turns into 30 or 45 minutes...which is tough when you're 4 years old! The girls are absolutely perfect in front of the camera...waiting for an hour in a room with minimal toys and 3 to 6 other toddlers??? not so much.

Still well worth the experience. The crew love the girls. It's very obvious to us that the crew is responding to how sweet our girls are. The director is even finding time to talk to the girls, get hugs and high fives. It's awesome to see.

I also can't say enough about how much pride we have standing back and watching them perform on camera. The girls are so beautiful...and listen so good. It's SO rewarding to see them do this in front of so many people and when it really matters. Very VERY rewarding as a parent.

I don't think I'm breaking any rules here. I won't mention names and the pics don't have any parts of the set in this first one is Katy with the director. He saw us sitting on the side and invited the girls over to see from his perspective. Another day, Lisa said that the girls actually got to say "ACTION!!" Later that night, they were running around telling each other "action". Awesome.
Lisa got this picture of Alyssa with the sound guy. He sits in the very back of the room and has a LOT to monitor...but he still found time to entertain Alyssa for a few minutes.
Here's Alyssa and Lisa watching Katy in one of the scenes this morning. Alyssa is so much more interested in the behind the scenes stuff and loves to watch. Katy...not so much.
A few pics of the girls with their new friends (and co-stars!).
And back at the trailer during a break, the girls were putting on quite the show.
Tired of iphone pics? Well, this weekend we have off. By off, I mean that we aren't on the movie set...instead we have our dress rehearsal tomorrow and then recital on Sunday. I GUARANTEE I am going to get some phenomenal pictures with the good camera these next two days. Please PLEASE donate so I can share these pictures!!!!!!

Not to mention we are still about $1500 from our goal. I have faith!!

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