Friday, May 20, 2011

Down to our last day

It's been an awesome month of raising money. We're down to our final day so spread the word and be sure to donate if you haven't already. Today's post is because of two donations...

One from the Jakabosky family and another from Eileen (my mother-in-law). Thank you!!!!!!

I feel a little bad I don't have more pictures in the queue ready to go...but you all know how crazy it's been. Tomorrow I have off so hoping I'll be able to get the good camera out and take some good pics of the girls. For now, these will have to do.

This first one is in the "hold" room where we spend a lot of time waiting to go on set. There are quite a few toys, puzzles, and books in here and one enthusiastic baby wrangler who does a good job of trying to keep the kids entertained. Here she is on the floor with the girls, Lisa, and one of the other co-stars.
Alyssa went on set while Katy and I ended up back at the RV for a while. She was keeping me entertained that's for sure.
Made it back to the hold room a little later and Katy put together quite an impressive giraffe. She wanted to show one of her favorite production assistants, Haley, but she wasn't in her office. So Katy asked if I would take a picture of her with the giraffe in front of Haley's desk. I thought that was a great idea. That will be fun to show Haley tomorrow what she missed out on.
Another quick Katy story. I mentioned that Katy has had a hard time going to sleep lately. One night earlier this week, Lisa threw in the towel and sent me in to deal with the unruly child. It was kind of quiet when I walked in but found Katy sitting on the edge of her bed waiting for me while Alyssa snores away. Katy sees me and immediately says....

"Daddy, I love you. Look at Alyssa. She is doing GREAT!"

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