Sunday, May 15, 2011

Dance Recital 2011

FOISY family coming through with ANOTHER donation! Thank you Foisy's!!

Today was a big day for the girls, it was their second dance recital. They were very excited (again) to dance on the big stage. They did not disappoint. They did GREAT!!!

Here are some pictures from yesterday's dress rehearsal and today's performance.
Like this one a lot.
Solid rehearsal, time for the big show!
Just a random good picture of one of the dances before our girls.
A view of the full house and stage from the back of the auditorium.
Since I got some good close-ups during rehearsal, I decided to sit in the balcony again and get some shots like last year. Hind sight...should have stayed down in the 3rd row. Lesson learned. Still some good pics.
The highlight was Katy singing during her little solo in the front right. You can actually hear her a couple of times before that but not very well...but when she came up to the front for her solo, it was clear as day and the audience ate it up. You can hear in the video everybody laughing at the 1:20 mark...absolutely gold!!

$1200 to go with 5 days to go!!! Let's get those donations in!!!

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