Friday, May 02, 2014

Visit from Alaska buddies

I'm still a few days behind on "thank you" blogs.  I am catching up as fast as I can.  Being on the road a lot lately has not helped my cause.  BUT....after an awesome day off, playing golf with Lisa, and then spending a few hours on the yard, I am READY!!  Today we thank the April 27th donation from Kirsten!!


As I continue to catch up on the blog, we are all the way up to early June of 2013.  Something VERY exciting happened in early June, our next door neighbors from Anchorage stopped by to see us for a few days.  To say that Alyssa and Katy (and Lisa and I) were excited would be a gross understatement!

First, the anticipation.  We all stood out front and watched and waited for our guests to arrive.


And doing something that resembles waiting....



Such happy girls

Lisa and I were just trying to remember how many days they were here.  I'm thinking it was only a couple of nights but we sure did pack in the fun.  We LOVED having our old neighbors hanging out with us in our new home.

Frolf anyone??!

Steve getting in the hopscotch action.

I found some more pics on Lisa's old iphone.  Great times at Chaps...our standard restaurant that we take our guests for breakfast.

After that, a little chilaxing time in the back yard. 

And we learned of Steve's childhood nickname, TV Stevie??  Who knew that the marathon runner could be hypnotized by an episode of My Little Pony! 

Another standard visit is the carousel downtown Spokane.

And of course a visit to the falls.

And for the first time, we took a ride on the gondola over the lower falls!

After a fun day of catching up and playing with old friends, nothing like settling down with a book.

So sweet....

I found this picture mixed in on Lisa's phone which I thought was hilarious that it was taken during this time.  Then I remembered why.  For YEARS, we had this frame hanging up in our stairwell in Anchorage with the original pictures of random people and their pets that came with the frame.  Every now and then, we'd get a friendly reminder from our neighbors (and everybody else that visited us) that we should eventually put some pictures of the Browns in there!  Well after about 9 months of living in this home, we finally ....FINALLY...were motivated by our guests coming to fill it out with our Alaskan Adventure pictures!  Thank you Petersons for inspiring us to stop procrastinating...and of course for visiting us!  :)

Thanks again for the donation Kirsten!  FYI, we are STILL raising money!  We're raising money for March of Dimes all the way up to May 13th so just because we've met our "goal" doesn't mean we're not going to keep asking!  If you haven't donated yet, please consider making ANY donation to a great cause.

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