Tuesday, May 20, 2014

We're swimming at the Y....M....C....A!!!!

I almost forgot about this!  Last summer the girls did 3 different camps.  The first one was free of charge and was really just an awesome visit from Micki and kids.  That was called "Camp Spokane".  The second one was a two week gymnastics camp.  The final camp of the summer was a 2 week swimming lesson class at the Y!

The girls have always loved the water but like most 6 year olds with limited time in the water, a little hesitant and nervous about swimming.  So we thought an organized class would help them get over some of their anxiety.  Overall it went well.  They might have been a couple of the weaker kids in the class and didn't quite graduate to the next level but we just took it as that; an introduction and familiarization.  As you'll see, they definitely had fun!!

Check out our YMCA!!  Really REALLY nice!
 Waiting for their class to start...getting ALL kinds of excited.
 I love those times when it is impossible for them to hold back their glee.  I've seen it in both of them a bit where they try to not act like little girls and brush off stuff that you know they're excited about....jumping in the pool is not one of those times.  Total unadulterated happiness.

 Katy was just a little bit more anxious than Alyssa when it came to going under water and trying to swim.  Part of the reason might have been their cheap goggles that we got them.  She would go under water and immediately flip them up and wipe her eyes.  That problem will be fixed this year with some much better gear.

 My one complaint...this dude.  You can just tell from his face he should not be giving lessons to kindergartners!  This high school kid got under our skin but he was relatively effective and the kids loved him so we didn't say anything.  But it was looks like this that made me want to take him aside and shake the highschool out of him. 
 Katy putting her whole face under.  I know it seems like a small achievement but this took a few lessons before she started doing this.  Great job, K!

 I actually got a picture of the anxiety.  So sweet.
 Lining up to all jump in.  One of the reasons I didn't like the teacher was he had a little toy that he would use to squirt the kids with water!  Who does that?!  Again, he would just push the line and not quite cross it.  One of the ways he made it okay was letting the kids get him wet.  Here's Katy getting him back a little.
 Don't know what was going on here but I LOVE Alyssa's face.  "You want me to do WHAT?!"

 High 5s all the way around.
 Cutest tooshies and hair.
 This is the girls friend Kaden from Kindergarten.  He's a great kid but but still tough to see my little girls making a big deal about a boy.  As great as this picture of Katy and Kaden chatting is, I LOVE Alyssa's face as she catches me trying to take a picture of them together.  Classic.  Oh it will only get worse, Alyssa.  I'm just experimenting with the endless ways I will embarrass you in front of your friends!
Well you can thank a cold for this rare midday blog as I'm home sick drinking lots of water and about to take a nap.  At least I'm blogging, right?!

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