Monday, May 05, 2014

Katy and Alyssa Lou Retton??

Catching up!  Today we recognize donations back from April 30th.  Almost caught up... actually if nobody donates, we'll be caught up tomorrow!  Hopefully we'll have some more donations so we can keep catching up on the blog!!  

What was really special about April 30th is that we reached our goal by noon on April 30th..with a whole 2 weeks left to go!!  Wow you guys amaze us every year.  So the folks that put us over include...


So what does the * stand for.  The Gilkesons were sneaky and waited for just the right moment and made the actual donation that put us at our goal.  Well done!!

In blog land, we are up to early August 2013 when we entered the girls in a gymnastics camp!  So far, they have done dance but this summer they tried a few new things (hint hint).  I'm thinking it was a week long camp with a show-off party at the end to demonstrate to the parents all of their new amazing skills.  

We had a bird-eye's view with all of the other parents.  First part of the routine was an impressive warm-up / dance routine.  ....just a little sarcasm mixed in there.

Easy to spot the twins.  I'm going to guess this part was Twist and Shout.

The Monster Mash?

Doing the Robot!  The girls have been practicing that since before they could walk!

No clue...  looks fun though.

La Macarena.....eehhhh


Itsy Bitsy Spider??

Love how Alyssa watched the spider going up.

Whooo.  Finally all warmed up so we can now do some routines.  Katy first.

And Alyssa!!

Nailed it!!

The scariest part was they all got a chance to run down the trampoline and do whatever they want one time!!  Seriously?  Terrible idea.  I have no idea how they didn't break something.

Katy was a little more reserved as she bounced to the end and....

flipped onto the mat!

Evidently this is what Alyssa was waiting for.  She was going ALL OUT!

She wanted to get as much height as possible on her flip.  In doing so, she barely made it to the mat as you can see here.  Crazy crazy girl.

Sweet story.  The girls completely connected to this older girl.  They were constantly checking on her and trying to get her to watch.  You'd think she might have been annoyed with all of the attention but she was so sweet.  I honestly was surprised when the girls asked if I could take their picture with her and she lit up and said "SURE"!  Look at those faces...absolutely genuine admiration.  Love it.

Making progress!  Please keep those donations coming so we can keep catching up on the blog!  Thanks again for everyone who has contributed this year to help us reach our goal.  Now let's see just how high we can go!

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