Saturday, May 17, 2014

The Summer of Visitors

What is this??  Another blog entry that isn't related to a "thank you" for any March of Dimes donation?? Yep.  My MO the last 3 or 4 years has been to blog religiously for nearly 5 weeks straight, then to take some time off.  Taking some time off turns into months at a time between blog posts.  Now I'm not saying that is going to happen again, but I do enjoy blogging and thought while we're having a quiet evening I should keep it going.

By quiet evening, I mean the girls are in bed and Lisa and I are watching a movie we've seen a dozen times.  We have been incredibly active the last couple of days with long walks, disc golf, real golf, basketball, and lawn care.  My body is TIRED!! So no way I'm moving from this couch until it's time for bed.

As I looked through our old pictures from last summer, I found a batch from one of our buddies, Tom.  It got me thinking about how many people came to see us last summer!  I think we have similar pictures from a lot of our visitors but Tom's visit was great....had lots of fun checking out some of our favorite hot spots including downtown, Coeur d'Alene, and Green Bluff.

 Our sweet girls...making visitors feel like family for 7 years straight!
 What's a trip downtown without a quick ride on the carousel? 
 I thought this was a cool pic...looking through a maple leaf (I think) cut-out on a bench near the water.
 Then there was this guy...creepy Elvis Clown who unfortunately would cross our paths a little later.
 I think Tom came at about the minimum the falls were at during the late summer.  They are ROARING right now!  

 Alyssa pointing out something for Tom who seems a little confused.
 This was a long time coming...having someone take a City of Spokane pic of the family!  It was funny asking kids around us to get out off the blocks for a few seconds so we could take the picture...then struggling to get the girls to stand in the right place, look at the camera, and SMILE!  Not as easy as it seems.  
 I love these pictures of the kids playing in the fountain.

 And there he is... creep Elvis Clown lured us over for some fun balloon animals. I kept my distance while Lisa took one for the team.  
 The girls didn't seem to mind.  We may need to work on their creepy clown radar!

 Next stop is Lake Coeur d'Alene!  As many times as we had been, this was the first time we walked out on the dock and across the dock.  Stunningly beautiful August weather, eh??

 We weren't the only ones enjoying the weather.  Check out all the traffic on the lake.

 My sweet girls going ahead while Tom and I stayed back taking too many pictures.

 We couldn't come all the way out without sticking our feet in the water!!
 CdA hosts a speed boat race that was coming up real soon.
 I'll have to think about this a bit but I'm leaning toward declaring this my favorite moose statue ever.
 Time for some farm fun up at Green Bluff!!  Every time we go, we find something new to do or fruit to pick.  This was a mixture of lots of goats, peaches, and some apples that weren't quite ready yet.
 I don't think I stopped laughing the entire time we hung out with the goats.
 This picture puts you right there with us.  You can just hear him saying "bllleeeeeeaaaaahhhhhh"
 Not sure why but this one made me laugh out loud just now.
 Enough goating around, time for some FRUIT!  
 My, those are some sweet looking peaches!!   ....see what I did there??
 And the apples that we were told we could pick.  We're always given a free pass to eat whatever we want while we're out picking.  The girls love grabbing an apple and working on it while we walk around and make our way back to the farm.  This time they powered through it until the bitter end...those apples were NOT ready.  We had picked a few more but they didn't even charge us...they felt bad for the girls and that we spent time picking them.  I think we did something fun with them though... Lisa will have to remind me.
So that's just one example of the many visitors we had this past summer.  We now have a few more tricks up our sleeves of things to do so if you're thinking about making a visit, plan it NOW!!  Reservations are limited; first come, first serve!

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