Sunday, May 04, 2014

Horsing Around

Back on April 29th (yes that's how far behind I am) we had a HUGE day.  Thanks to donations from...

Nate and Kim

Told you it was a huge day!  Thanks to all of those donations we were getting very close to our goal of $4660.  Once again, we are overwhelmed with gratitude to all of you who choose to donate.  Thank you so much!!

In the blog world, we are up to the beginning of summer!  In late June, Micki brought the fam for a fun visit.  I only have pics on the good camera of the horseback riding.  I believe Lisa has LOTS of pics on her phone from the rest of the week.  I think they coined the phrase "Camp Spokane".  So at some point, I'm going to have to go back and share those.

But for today, I thought it would be fun to share pics from the first time the girls went horseback riding.  Rhett's parents don't live too far away from us and have a couple of very tame, sweet horses.  So we met at their ranch and saddled up.  The girls were VERY excited!

Some days you just let them choose their own outfit.  Be sure you have a camera though because capturing those moments will be worth its weight in gold!!  Well done Alyssa.  I hope you don't hate me when you're a teenager!

Katy was up first.

I think this is the same face Katy had when riding with Uncle Tom on the 4-wheeler.

So the whole time Katy was riding, I was keeping a very close eye on an approaching thunderstorm.  Ends up it was foreshadowing for the storm of tears that was about to hit the happy ranch.  Notice Katy scratching her fingers??

Still scratching.  Yep....allergies.  Ends up the girls are allergic to horses!!  So all the hugging and horse kisses wasn't the best idea after all.  Katy and I retreated to wash up and look for some allergy medicine while Alyssa took her turn.

We didn't want to keep Alyssa from riding but knew it wasn't going to be pretty.  She did a much better job limiting the hugs and touching her face. 

Definitely my favorite picture.

We had to cut our visit short to head back into town and find some allergy medicine.  The itching subsided very quickly...especially after washing down the medicine with a corndog from Red Robin!

Thanks again for the donations.  I hope we don't get stuck at $5000!  
We have so much more to share!

By the way, an anonymous comment showed up asking how much the going cost is for more pictures.  The answer is of course, whatever you're willing to donate!

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