Saturday, May 03, 2014

Just about summer time!!

As I continue to try to catch up with the blog and look through all of our pictures, I found a few from the girls last few days of Kindergarten.  When I look back at our donations, I realize it's time to recognize my bff.  Yes...'re up!!

So first... Thank you

for your donation.  

It's a total coincidence that I happened to be up to the last days of school on our "exciting list of things to post" list.  Enjoy!!

First, a few pictures of a 6 year old looking a lot like a 12 year old!!!!!

Alyssa or Katy??  If the first guess is correct, we'll donate an extra $20 in your name!!

On the last day of school, they had a field day and family picnic.  I couldn't stay for the field day but of course I made it for the picnic!!! 

Is it me or do I have the cutest kids????

They certainly have their Daddy's sense of timing!  Camera???  Hurry put something in my mouth and look natural!!

Sheri and Kaden... so wish Kaden would have stayed at Windsor Elementary.  Great family.

The next few pictures is the evidence of "spunk".

My sweet girls had to go talk to their Kindergarten teacher for a bit, Mrs. Mellott.  

And because this blog post is thanks to a meteorologist's donation, I will include a picture of weather!  This picture was taken at about 6am out of my bedroom window with NO tripod!!  Top that, Sam????!!!

We had two more donations bringing our total to $5,000!!!  I hope there is more out there!  We'll be pushing for more donations all the way up to May 13th!  But for our sake (and sanity), please don't wait!!!  

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Pictures are still a bit dated!