Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Dahlia Mania

We are just about all caught up and also just about done with our 2014 March for Babies fundraising.  Today, we thank

Renee (and family) for their donation!!!  

Renee puts us within reach of our 2013 total which just proves without a doubt again that you all are AWESOME!!  Thank you all for being our friends giving selflessly, and supporting a great cause every year!

In blogland (see previous post if you don't know what that means), I think we're up to late August of 2013 and STILL in the Portland area visiting our fellow twin family.  Lisa will have to correct me but I THINK after a full day at the zoo, we stopped by the dahlia festival on the way home!  We're just ASKING for trouble.   I think everyone under the age of 8 took a nap en route to the festival.

Upon arrival at said festival, I immediately noticed they went all out!  Honestly, who puts peacocks on a roof??
 After some festival food, on to the fields of dahlias!

 Katy wanted a turn at taking some pics.  The next few are from the eyes of Katy!

 I took over for a few photos....

 ...before Alyssa wanted a turn at taking pics of flowers.
 Really not too bad!
 Before we left, Katy wanted to get a few pictures of her with Zebra Cat.
 Taevin just wanted ......more blueberries?
 On the drive home, we came across this dog.  I had to slow down for Lisa to get a pic....so great.
 If you haven't driven along the Columbia River, it's a MUST!  Such a beautiful and unique landscape.  We are very fortunate that so much of our area was once shaped by this massive river.
Thanks again Renee and family for your donation.  We are just about at the end of our 2014 journey.  Any more donations to get us up to last year's total??

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