Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Chasing thunderstorms??

Final push has arrived.  I have a few "thank you" posts left as we wrap up our 2014 campaign.  Today, we want to thank 4 donations that all came on May 13th (the 7 year anniversary of our girls coming home from the hospital)...

Ms. Nancy and
Ms. Stephanie

What a day!!  Thank you for helping us finish strong.  I included Ms. before Nancy and Stephanie because these were our favorite preschool teachers from Anchorage. The girls continue to long for these two amazing people and we are so fortunate that they are still in our lives.

So this is one of those nights I probably shouldn't post but I really want to keep going!  I'm having some computer issues (not the first time today) so I'm very limited on which pictures I can share.  Long story but true.  So the pics I do have available include one of our first big thunderstorms that rolled through Spokane.  I was so giddy when I saw the radar, I took off to an area where I thought I'd have a good view to set up the tripod.  It's been a LONG time I've tried to photograph lightning and I LOVED it!!  Adrenaline was pumping, the smell of rain was in the air, distant roll of thunder, and the anticipation of that next bolt....exhilarating!!

 I'll admit that after one of these massive strikes got my heart going. Suddenly I couldn't stop thinking I was going to be the first NWS WCM killed my lightning!  Boy would that be a headline.  
 So I returned to my safe fortress where I set up the tripod in the living room to see what I could get.  Not bad despite the reflections on the window.
 Time to get creative and try to capture what I would normally do without the camera...stand in a safe place and watch the storm.  Lisa stayed on the couch and snapped pic after pic until we got a few good ones.

 Really like this one with the bolt over my head.
 I could do this for hours.  And actually I think this was a week night and we stayed up past 1am watching the storm roll through.  Like I was going to be able to go to sleep when this was going on outside!!
Great night and I actually have a few more "stormchasing" pics from 2013 that are blogworthy...maybe I'll get to them eventually.

Again, THANK YOU for all of the donations and supporting something that means to much to us!

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