Saturday, May 17, 2014

Summer Fun

I thought we might be done on May 13th but we weren't!  Some late, albeit very appreciated, donations came in throughout the day on May 14th!  We are thankful for every donation including these from....

Joe Hayman
Dennis and Terri
Brian and Echo

What an awesome and unexpected surprised to finish off with these last 5 donations.  Thank you again to each and every person/family that donated this year!!  I hope to do a more thorough wrap-up of our 2014 March for Babies fundraising in the near future so keep checking in!

Tonight, I just want to share a few fun pictures from last summer.  The girls had received a slip-and-slide as a gift (can't recall who gave it to them at the moment).  We didn't have a place to try it out...until now!  Right across the street is a "common" area for the neighborhood which happens to be on a slope.  Our amazing neighbors offered up their hose and the result was a few hours of unadulterated fun!

The scene with Lisa, the girls, our neighbor Leslie, and her daughter Hadley.  While the slide doesn't look too long it was perfect for the Katy and Alyssa.
 It was funny how Alyssa jumped in with reckless abandon while Katy was a little more cautious. 

 But no matter how they went down the slide, the end result was the same! Plus when you're going down a slip-and-slide and wearing matching Little Mermaid bathing suites...come ON!!

Another fun summer event this past summer was movie night at the park.  Less than half a mile from our house is this awesome park.  Our HOA fees go toward a lot of things but this is one that we REALLY enjoy!  Here's the scene as we waited for the sun to set and Bug's Life to begin.  
 Half way through the movie, I thought it would be fun to set up the tri-pod to try and capture our community all hanging out watching a movie under the stars. Very very cool!
 And the girls LOVE it....obviously!
 After the movie, we get to walk home and check out all the stars.  Such a fun treat.  We can't wait until this summer's movie nights at the park which I believe will include Frozen....dramatic pause......"IN SUMMERRRRRRRRR!!"

Thanks again to everyone who donated on this final day and to ALL of our donations this year.  Again, I'll do a final wrap-up soon with pictures from our walk in Salem, OR so keep checking in on us!

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