Friday, May 09, 2014

Don't Go Chasing Waterfalls

I hate that song.

Seriously hate that song but I love people who donate to March of Dimes!!!  Thank you to the
and the

for your donations this year!!  You each have a very special place in our hearts.  Thank you for your continuous love, support, and friendship!

This blogland post takes us back to last summer when we made a trip to Portland (Silverton), OR to visit Micki and fam.  This was our 2nd trip to Portland as a family and this time with much better weather!  Enroute, we were able to see a few crop dusters as we got closer to the Columbia River.

And then what must be one of the largest wind farm we've seen! Windmill after windmill for miles and miles.

We had an amazing time visiting Micki et al at their home in Silverton, OR.  One of the phenomenal attractions to the area is the Silver Falls State Park.  Just a quick 15 minute drive from their house and we were right in the middle of incredible scenery.
Time for a short hike to the falls. 

Wow!!!  I don't know what I expected but that wasn't it!!  AMAZING!!

Confession time: okay I was having a great time!  I was enjoying the time with friends, time with family, and time with nature.  But it was also a Saturday in early September and that means college football.  So here's my confession, I was continuously checking the A&M football score!  There I said it!!  I feel better now.

The pictures never do it justice but I love taking these pics looking straight up the tree.  They are HUGE!!

 I agree.  I have the two most beautiful girls on planet earth!!
Not to be outdone, that's a pretty cute couple.  I say "cute" because Rhett is like 5 foot, 2 inches.  Regardless, I still love them both.  You guys are an inspiration and thanks for being our friends through all these years (despite the repeated attempts to humiliate ourselves!) 

Just 3 more days to get your donations in!!!  Please donate to the link on the right before May 13th!!

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