Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Twins On Ice

What an AMAZING fundraising day! We are ALMOST halfway to our 2012 goal of $5,000!!! A big "thank you" goes out to DGS Service Company, Inc., Brooke, David K., Emily, and Joshua M. for bringing our new grand total to $2,455!!!!

As promised, it's ON WITH THE SHOW!

Alyssa and Katy were SO excited for the "big ICE show", but not for skating lessons to end.  They have really surprised both Andy and I with how well they have done over the past 6 weeks.  We've had many a talk about the importance of "trying even when things are hard" and this was our first chance to really test that out (I think they've inherited a bit of my "I want to be perfect the first time out" tendency...).  And they did GREAT!  I hope this is only the beginning of their determination and perseverance when it comes to life!

Here are A and K going in for their last lesson
Warming Up
One more run through of the routine
Alyssa and Katy taking a break while the older kids practiced their solos
Playing "Ring Around the Rosie"...Miss Theresa would be so proud Katy chimed in and taught everyone the "Children's Dance Theatre second verse"!
Duck, Duck, Goose!
Andy had it right "CUTENESS OVERLOAD" as everyone donned their costumes
Taking the ice
Places and...
Let the FUN begin...

Exit Stage Left...
The PROUD mom taking a video of her skating stars!!!
Okay...so that should do it for tonight.  I have MORE pics to share from after the show so let's keep the donations coming!

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