Friday, May 04, 2012

Cloudy San Diego

First, we need to thank Iris for her donation today. While I was gone, we really picked up some momentum as we approach the $3K mark!! Way to go everybody!!

So San Diego....cloudy?? Yeah... cloudy! Some of you may be wondering why I was in San Diego. The story goes that about a month ago, my brother calls me up and asks if I want to meet him there. He was going a couple days early to a conference to get some golf in and hoped that I would be able to join him. I laughed at the idea of flying down to SoCal for a couple of days of golf...but then I checked my work schedule and plane tickets and realized it was actually quite doable!

So we both arrived Monday morning. I picked up the car and met Scott at the airport and then headed straight out to a golf course about 30 minutes from downtown. We played our round of golf (I shot an 88 thankyouverymuch) and then went back to the hotel which was connected to Petco Park. I had found some great tickets for the Padres game so we walked to the park, had dinner, and enjoyed an awesome baseball game. Best part of the game was Ryan Braun, the reigning NL MVP. The dude put on a hitting clinic!!

Apparently he has been recently accused of using steroids so the fans met him with a lot of booing when he came up to bat. He flied out his first at bat. The next 3 at bats, he hit home runs!! No kidding, we were witness to Ryan Braun hitting 3 home runs in one night!! Then in the 9th, the fans sensed what a historic moment this was and were all standing as he came to bat. He actually almost pulled it off...hitting one at the bottom of the fence and ending up with a triple. What an awesome performance!! 4 for 5 with 3 homers and 6 RBI! During his second at bat, I actually turned to Scott and said "something big is about to happen". So I got out my phone and took a video...
You can't tell in the video but the ball hit the 3rd level where it says something metal company. It was impressive! So Tuesday was golf day. We got up early and drove about 60 miles north to play a course near Temecula. Beautiful golf course! Notice the clouds and drizzle that hung out 95% of the time I was there.
Scott teeing off on one.
Me stepping up to the box.
Niiiiiice follow through!
And the brothers capturing a moment on film of what was a phenomenal 2 days together.
We played 36 holes on Tuesday. Between our rounds, our cousin Cory drove down from LA area and met us for lunch! What an awesome treat to see him on such short notice! Tuesday night we hung out with Scott's colleagues and then I headed back home Wednesday. It was a short trip but full of awesome memories.

 Thanks for letting me share. Now back to raising some money! Who's next??!!

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