Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Fun at the Greenhouse

"I think we can", "I think we can", "I THINK WE CAN"... This will be my mantra up until May 13th, Mother's Day. Although, NOTHING will be able to top my first Mother's Day gift on May 13th, 2007 (yes, 5 years ago Mother's Day was on Sunday, the 13th as well...what a coincidence...and in case you didn't guess that was the day the girls were discharged from the NICU), being able to hand over $5,000 to the March of Dimes for the March for Babies will be a close second.

Right now our total is sitting at $2,875! Tonight's blog post goes out with gratitude to Jen Pallister, E. L. Guidotti, and Grandpa and Nana!

So, I've been wanting to share these photos for a while and now I get my chance. Back in March, Alyssa, Katy and I met up with some friends at the Russian Jack Chalet for an afternoon of sledding fun. After an hour or so of sledding, we decided to head over the greenhouse for a little snack, R&R, and preview of spring. We were not was BEAUTIFUL!!! Daffodils and ladybugs everywhere! All the kids (and the parents too) were in heaven. The kids had a blast exploring and soaking in the warmth. We will definitely have to remember to visit the greenhouse more often next winter...maybe a little picnic action will be warranted!

The kids taking in the sights...

Alyssa and Katy checking out the koi pond

My little cuties (Katy on the left and Alyssa on the right)

The greenhouse was just gorgeous and very relaxing...loved hearing the fountains trickle and the birds chirping in the background! 

Checking out the plants

Beautiful Daffodils

Searching for ladybugs

Taking time to stop and smell the flowers

Found one...or should I say she found ME!

I had a buddy

Katy "enjoying" her cheese stick...NOT

That's better



The Twinkies

Katy Bug

Thanks for tuning in again!  Andy will be back at the helm tomorrow.  Spread the word and keep those donations coming!!!!

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