Tuesday, May 08, 2012

fishing with Jim

I've been saving these pictures for almost a year!  Last July, I took a 2 day fishing trip down to the Kenai.  It was just a small portion of Nate and his dad Jim's epic Alaskan trip that summer.  They were nice enough to let Sam and I join them for a couple of days of fishing...a trip I will never forget!!  Problem was I didn't take my camera with me!  I had my phone with me which captured a few awesome images but I mainly relied on Sam and his excellent photographic eye.  I always felt weird posting someone else's pictures on the blog...until now!

All of this is relevant because Jim donated today.  What a perfect time to go back and share some of Sam's pictures.  Thanks Jim for your donation!

As I was loading these pictures, we got another donation!!  Thank you to my mentor Tom who recently moved to Hawaii!  

I need to also recognize some more money that was raised today.  Lisa and Mary-Beth have assembled several dozen jars full of soups and different kinds of drink mixes.  Lisa has been taking them to the hospital and selling them.  This is one of the ways we're hoping to help reach our goal.  So far, it's generated almost $200.  If we sell them all, it will total over $500!!  So if you're in Anchorage and interested, let us know.  We'll be selling them at my work over the next week.

Back to the Kenai...

We found ourselves in one of the most incredible runs of red salmon that's been recorded.  I found the chart that kept track of the fish as they swim past the sonar.  The 2 days we were on the river, there were almost 400,000 fish that swam past us!!!

So much fun to land one of these incredible fighters.

Honestly you haven't lived until you've landed one of these.  It's an incredible feeling.

Love this picture.  I actually called Lisa to let her know...not brag!  Just to let her know it was going well.
After a full day of fishing and a full evening of sitting around the campfire swapping stories, the next day we were off to float down the Kenai.  Evidently the 45 minute drive was too much for me and I fell asleep.
Man I've lost some weight since last summer!
The scenery that day was as good as it gets. 

The fishing was pretty good too.  

Caught this beauty on a dry fly!!  Best fishing moment of my life.

Our guide was great.  I think he was ready to give up on me cause I had lost a couple of monsters earlier in the day.  I think I redeemed myself.

The long but stunningly beautiful ride back to the ramp.

Just a funny picture
 I think this was the day before Sam left...we went up for what is always an awesome sunset at the Flattop trail head.  I like these two that Sam took of me.

Thanks for letting me share some pics from another amazing journey.  I feel today is a great day to share these because we learned that Sam is coming back to Anchorage!!  Can't wait to see what adventures we have this summer...and beyond!

Who's next??!!

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