Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Skating Stars

Another STELLAR fundraising day!  WOW...$2,725!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart to Mary Natwick, "Grandma Debbie", Sue, Melissa K, and my Double Cuddles peeps!  Our $5K goal is still a long way away, but it now feels attainable...SO EXCITED!

So we pick back up tonight at the end of Alyssa and Katy's ice skating performance.  Before they went on the ice, they both said they were "a wittle nervous", but you would never know it from the smiles and cheers when they were done.  Blown away again...they are such hams and just love to perform.  We are going to be in so much trouble...watch out world!

Alyssa getting her first patch...we graduated to Snowplow 3!

Katy checking out her patch...they were SO EXCITED!

Katy asking Coach Jill if she will take a picture with her and Alyssa

Thank You Coach Jill!!!

The girls with Lauren.  Lauren was one of the student helpers and she just LOVED the girls.  Before we got our picture I caught her asking Coach Jill to take a picture of the three of them on her phone.  AWWWWW!


Such a CUTIE!

The Final Bow

Graduation patches and goodie bags...does it get any better?!?!?!

Katy showing off her goofy glasses

Alyssa had to get back out on the ice for one more skate...

Katy having a blast during the free skate

Mommy takes the ice.  Funny story about this...when I finally caught up with Alyssa she said "Mom, can you get off the ice now"  Geesh!  Can't catch a break!  Oh well...

The Three Amigos!

Katy Bug

Alyssa skating with her coaches (aka the real reason she wanted me off the ice...she thought it was pretty cool to be the only one out there with the grown ups)

Katy waiting patiently for Alyssa to finish skating

Best Buddies - Alyssa and Lauren

Katy saying her good-byes to Lauren


Thanks for tuning in and I can't wait to share more of the Brown Family shenanigans with you...

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Anonymous said...

What a beautiful trio of ladies on and off the ice. How proud we are and it brings a tear to our eyes to see how fast the twins are getting and how little we see of them. Grandpa and Nana